Monday, February 15, 2016

Canvas 2/15/16

Lately I've been missing my old, despised friend FIT. I don't know if it's the cold, or the fact that I have like five creative writing assignments due every week, but I just want to stop thinking about words for a minute and paint. Or weave some fabric. Or do both.

But I know I'd definitely get over the nostalgia by the time I finish making the warp and dressing the loom, which takes forever. So when I miss Textile design and I'm not lusting over looms I can't afford (a basic ass four harness table loom is nearly 1,000 bucks) and regretting that I didn't learn how to screen print, I stalk the hell out of Spoonflower.

Spoonflower is this amazing website where you can upload or choose a design from an indie designer and get it printed as fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap. They hold weekly contests where indie designers compete for a prize and the opportunity for more exposure and more commissions from the designs they sell off the site.

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cecilia_Mok on Spoonflower

"Birds and Butterflies" by Susan_Polston on Spoonflower
"True Hallucinations" by Rabbitinthemoon on Spoonflower

"Butterfly Sanctuary" by Peacoquettedesigns on Spoonflower
These are just a few of the many beautiful designs on the site. I'm really glad a place like this exists, because not only can these textile designers have a platform to freelance their work in a fast, accessible manner, it allows people who may not have studied textile design to try making their own custom prints as well. You can upload an image, make it private so no one else can purchase fabric, gift wrap or wallpaper with your design, and you'll have a one of a kind print.

I've used it for my own design once, and it came out great:

I changed it to a red colorway and boom:

Custom fabric that I have yet to use after three years of its existence!

So yeah, if you want some cool custom fabric for a decent price, Spoonflower is the spot.

- Renee

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