Monday, February 22, 2016

Canvas 2.22.2016

Solidarity With South Africa

I am an activist. We are all activists. The only difference between the person reading this and the person writing this is the bullshit-o-meter that we all have inside of us and the moment that it reaches its limit, the moment that you have decided that you can't take any more and the moment you decide to react, it is at that moment that you become an activist. I recently had the privilege of traveling to South Africa where I was able to meet some of the most influential people in my life. Some of them attended the University of Cape Town and despite the fact that it is now a post-apartheid South Africa (known as a "Rainbow Nation" which refers to ideas of all colors existing harmoniously) the legacy of apartheid is still alive.  

#Rhodes Must Fall

These are two of the movements facing South African students. Fees Must Fall is a movement focused on eliminating the unfair registration fees that students must pay in order to register. These fees exist separately from tuition. So in order to register you have to pay a (HUGE) fee, then you have to pay tuition and UCT is the most expensive school to attend in terms of tuition. The Rhodes Must Fall Movement references the removal of all symbols of racial oppression. Cecil Rhodes is despicable human being and having a memorial in his name is the equivalent of the Edmond Pettus Bridge or the Confederate Flag

I am going to use some of the images of the protest at UCT to remind us all that the personal is the political.

A comic strip reminding us that despite the fact that the statue
has been removed we need to work on racial relations, because
it is so much more than just removing a symbol of oppression.


Rhodes' statue is a symbol of oppression and racism.

Finally Removed.

But after it was removed someone spray painted a 
shadow in the image of the original statue. 
Racism continues to exist and persist. 

Unfortunately racism is still an issue for many South African students at UCT. These FaceBook posts from white students at UCT is evidence that racial harmony is an illusion.

I stand in solidarity with my South African allies in their fight for a respectful campus community.

Amandla, Awethu!
This is Zulu For Power To The People!
                                                                                                                                                                One Love,

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