Monday, February 29, 2016

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Why Don't I Live Within Walking Distance to a Forest: The Musical

Alternate title- You Should Really Learn to Drive Alex, Because in the End This is No One's Fault but Your Own: The Musical

Nature is a common theme in my posts. That's because while I was raised half in the woods and half in Brooklyn (as I may have mentioned before), I now only get to step foot in not-Central/Prospect/Flushing/Riverside Park once a month or less.

Nothing inexplicably, gloriously pastoral necessarily happens as a result of being underneath sticks and leaves. But I love being alone.

As Henry in the video game Firewatch, you get to experience near solitude as a fire lookout in the Shoshone National Forest, circa 1989. If it weren't for Delilah (another lookout), your only other source of human contact (via radio), you'd be completely isolated.

Or not. There's really no way to know. It's a park, outside, where people go in and out freely. Jeez Henry, stop being so paranoid.

A mystery unfolds in the form of human traces, and one silhouette guarded by the beam of a flashlight. You stumble upon a large, fenced test site. Two teenagers vanish. You practically force Delilah to inform you of the disappearance of a former lookout and his son. Did I mention that the key to the entrance of that cave is missing?

Like a Raymond Carver story, I feel like this game and its ending would actually be appreciated more by older adults. The gaming community (mostly young adults) had a sort of hissy fit over the ending of the game. Even though I'm only 19, I ('d like to) think my experience with stories let me see something beautiful.

And there's so much to see!

Since more effective fire-stopping technology was implemented across the blaze-prone areas of the United States, those lookout towers (for the most part) became obsolete.

But then Romantic crazy saps hipsters like me started tearing at their clothing, yearning, as they do in those Medieval stories!

So now The Forest Fire Lookout Association rents these towers out! Most have no running water and some have no electricity, but think of the towers as giant, sturdier tents.

I love it. I'm telling you, as soon as I take that permit test...

shameless self-insertion


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