Monday, February 29, 2016

Culture Corner 2.29.16


Hit Me Up On Kakao... ^^

Back in November, a friend of mine suggested that I try Hello Talk.

Hello Talk is a language exchange application that connects language learners with native speakers of their target language. There are built in tools such as a multi- language translator, a text- to- speech translator, and advanced editing functions to help language partners communicate more easily and correct each other's mistakes. Hello Talk has allowed me to practice my Korean with real people, so I sound less like a textbook when I speak! The app is pretty popular worldwide, so I recommend it for anyone learning any language... Also, the app is good for more than just learning language. It's pretty awesome for making friends as well! Usually, after using Hello Talk for a while, and becoming closer, language partners transition into other messaging apps, and continue their friendship there... In my case, we usually transition into the app that changed my life~~~ KakaoTalk!!!!!! :D

Kakao Talk is a super simple, super cool free messenger app. Like many other popular messaging apps, Kakao has features such as group chat, free calls, free video calls... You know- the usual. However, unlike most other messaging services, Kakao users communicate with each other only via user id. That means that you don't have to share your phone number with the whole world! Kakao Corp. also has a whole host of mobile applications that are interconnected (i.e. Kakao Story, Kakao Taxi), and thus make life easier, and more accessible. But what really makes Kakao a game- changer? What makes it so different from What's App or Viber???


If you don't love these guys, you're not human. Seriously. You need to go off into the wilderness and do some soul- searching... Or perhaps just search for a soul, because clearly you don't have one! Grrr... !

Seriously!!! What's the matter with you?!?!?!

Anyway, linguists say that only about 30% of speech is embedded in actual language. The rest is inflection, facial expression, body language, etc. I honestly feel that these guys help me convey my thoughts and emotions easier~ and look awesome while doing so! Each Kakao friend has their own back story, and their own personality, and they just make communication more exciting! I seriously cannot remember how I used to text before I had them...

Kakao currently has 170 million users worldwide, and is available in 15 languages. 93% of all smartphone users in South Korea communicate with Kakao~ Big shoutout to Wikipedia!!!
Unfortunately, Kakao is not too well- known outside of its native Korea... ;(
Let's change that!

Yaaay!!! I'm sooo excited!!!

As the world becomes smaller and smaller, the ways we create meaning and relate to one another become more and more important. Hello Talk can help us reach more people... Kakao can help us communicate more effectively. I hope you consider using one or the other... Maybe even both?!

Just remember, if you don't like the Kakao Friends, you're a heartless, soulless monster... :D

Shade Thrown.......


Unfortunately, I was not clever enough to come up with a title or this post alone...
All Credit goes to CL... Hit me up on Kakao is a line from her latest single, Hello Bi+ches.
The music video is truly original. Check it out!

CL says that Hello Bi+ches is all about female empowerment

CL... <3<3 <3

Thanks, guys...
(Since I am clearly in the mood for appropriating catchphrases...)
Until next time,
take care of yourselves and each other...

~ Jerry  Clinton

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