Monday, February 8, 2016

Culture Corner 2.8.16

Leaving the Town of Cats


I imagine this to be in the style of a audio recording transcription. Not necessarily one like they write in the courts system, but more of the kinds you see in a YA novel trying hard to be funky with its style. (Not like I'm trying to be funky with my style...)

This is about my time at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, a place with its own unique culture--something bound to form at a place that considers its animal patients/adoptees as much a part of its community as its human members.

Based off of the journal entries I made, I started off the internship in writing like I did high school: doe-eyed and inspired--nearly obnoxiously so--with four question marks trailing after every other sentence.

Not that I transformed entirely into strong and salty farm girl. It was only one month, after all. That would've taken at least a month and a half.

I did spend the first few days (being trained by the other intern) flopping around earnestly, driving the golf carts like I was Mr. Toad on a Wild Ride, and sleeping 11 hours a night. Once I learned to not get soaked by the water pumps, ease onto the gas pedal like a rational human being, and enjoy activities other than sleeping (classy, cultured stuff like playing Prop Hunt for hours at a time), I felt I was beginning to slip out of my 'city girl' identity. Not that anyone there made me feel out of place in any way; I did a 'good' job of that all by myself. But I made friends with the extraordinarily kind and cool caregivers and interns. I discovered I was a "goat girl" (less dirty than it sounds). Clyde and I got engaged.

The Cock and I (Clyde)
Most importantly, I received an education from frostbitten chicken feet, from Jack (the goat), Judy (the pig), and Trudell (the rooster) passing away, and from kids Hallie, Raymond, Moby, and Jackie popping out into their first minutes of life.

Moby and Jackie <3
*Take a deep breath, because this post is about to get real corny. But keep reading because it is some delicious corn.*

The important things--about veganism and my own philosophies--became as bold as Clyde is with female volunteers. You knew an animal metaphor was coming.

The things:
Veganism isn't a fad diet about obnoxiously screaming at people about being vegan; that's not at all the heart of it.
Living with death that is as ordinary as the amount of time it takes for one teabag to steep in a mug is hard. This tea takes 2-3 minutes to steep; someone died today.
That being said, cemeteries are great places to look for baby names.
Writing letters has been a very significant practice in my life.
This doe and I both have depression.
Guacamole being vegan is proof that there is a God.

Among other things: for me, there is now a 150-acre plot of land on this Earth that is filled only with friends.

Thanks to Amy, Gabby, Dawnell, Kathy, Carrie, Lila, Herve, Rob, and all of the animals for giving me that!

I thought this picture would make for a dramatic ending (llama drama).


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