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Oh How Sweet It Is!

My stepmom (who from here on out will be referred to as Smomma) braved the negative wind chills on Saturday and went food shopping. Forget Valentine's Day, Saturday was my new favorite day of the year. And do you all want to know why? Because she came back with a big ol' pack of THESE!

Let me tell you how much I love bread. When I became a Christian I found out that one of Jesus' many names in the Bible is the Bread of Life. I believe it was then that my faith took on a whole new meaning for me. My girlfriend and I are the type of people to go our favorite diner and order the pasta just so we can get a free side order of bread. If it was legal, I would adopt bread and just carry it around with me, because there is no greater love on earth than that of a parent. There are maybe three or four other types of food that fall in the legendary category for me, above bread - bacon, salmon, tacos and maybe chicken wings. Hey, I'm a simple guy. 

But when it comes Kings Hawaiian Sweet Bread, bread takes on whole meaning. The picture above is a family Mike sized pack. It could be gone before it hits the table. I'm surprised the people who are packing this bread don't accidentally on purpose take small morsels from the outer crusts of each individual loaf, and save them for a rainy day. The one explanation that makes sense to me is that maybe having worked so long in the packing factories, they just simply have gotten tired of Kings Hawaiian Sweet Bread. 

That's so sad. A moment of silence, please. 

*ahem* Okay, so Kings Hawaiian Sweet Bread is a traditional roll baked with their signature blend of select milled flours, artisan yeasts and rich, creamy butter. Their promise is that you can taste the 'aloha' inside. Not kidding, here is the link to their website:

So when Smomma brought home a pack of this delightful delicacy, I was needless-to-say encouraged. She warmed them in the oven, for after spending much time outside those poor, little buns were frozen. And as I bit into the first one of the year, I was brought back to the first time I ever tried Kings Hawaiian Sweet Bread. 

Growing up, very few things connected me to my dad. Not that he was a negligent father by any means, far from. It's just that him and I are very different. We share a love for superheroes and church and...sometimes sports, though he's really good at everything and I kinda, sorta can throw a baseball. I do not lie when I say that many years ago, when I was a much younger and skinnier Mike Hidalgo, Kings Hawaiian Sweet Bread brought us closer together. I remember him bringing home a four-pack just so he could have a snack. He saw me as he walked inside (this was after my mom had left the house so he was attentive in checking in on my sister and I) and he asked me if I wanted one. I didn't know what it was but I was resolved to like it because I knew my dad did. MAN, WHAT A DAY TO NOT HAVE TO PUT ON AN ACT! As the heavenly crumbs entered my mouth, my eyes were opened to the new forms that bread could take. I do not know what else I did that day, so I safely assume that that moment was the highlight of my week. 
Tell me that you can't smell them...
I have an uncle who lives in Hawaii, funny enough from Smomma's side of the family. I wish to visit him someday, and maybe walk the beaches and explore the oceans. Perhaps I'll take a selfie with a volcano. But undoubtedly, one of the first things I will do is hunt down any baker who makes Hawaiian Sweet Bread...and I will hug him. I will thank him. I will be his friend. And we will break bread together, and gloriously stare into the sunset. 

Please pardon me now as I indulge in another loaf square. 

Stay golden, 

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