Monday, February 22, 2016

Currently Listening 2.22.16

A few years ago my boyfriend put me on to this old French jazz fusion band from the '70s called Cortex. He found out about them through hip-hop samples of songs from their album Troupeau Bleu, and I've been listening to the record ever since.
Here are three of their most well-known songs:

"Huit Octobre 1971"

"Chanson D'un Jour D'hiver"

"Troupeau Bleu"

Now there isn't much for me to say about the music other than I love the vibe of it (I love almost anything with a good bass line and interesting drums). I can't understand what the lead singer is saying half the time because she's singing in French, but it's fine with me.
I don't listen to Cortex to understand, I listen to feel. 
There are other musicians out there I can listen to for mental stimulation. Instead, these songs draw me away from stimulation, instead relaxing me. Maybe they'll do the same for you.

- Renee

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