Monday, February 8, 2016

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What do you get when you bring five Bohemian tree-hugging pagans together? You get OMNIA, my friends. OMNIA is a neo-celtic pagan folk band (geez, that was a mouthful!) from The Netherlands. The actual word “Omnia” means “everything.” This is a perfect description of the band's eclectic blend of instruments, languages, and music. The root sound of OMNIA's music is a celtic-based one that forms the foundation of their style, but by no means is the end itself. Playing instruments such as the Didgeridoo, Harp, Bodhrán, and Hurdy Gurdy enables them to incorporate folk music from different parts of the world into their own songs. Talk about a good time!   

This band's music is so innovative that it has managed to get recognition in many countries outside of their European home base.  They are even gaining some underground momentum here in the States. Not only does the band make music, but they also advocate a lifestyle.  OMNIA's music inspires listeners with messages pertaining to freedom of expression, respect for nature, and individuality.  

Here is one of my favorite songs from them called "Alive":

This song is more Celtic in style, but it is the epitome of all that the band wants to represent. What are you doing that makes you feel Alive?

For the Shakespeare lovers in da house, check out "Witches Brew":

And another one of my favs (and trust me, there are many), "Dil Gaya" which is the band's version of the Afghan folk song:

OMNIA's music videos have reached over 2 million views on YouTube so they must be doing something right. I don't know what's in the water of The Netherlands *clears throat,* but something is going on there that's bringing out all kinds of cool musical stuff.  I think it's pretty obvious that I love OMNIA's music and I'm happy to have this opportunity to present them to you! ;)  


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