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Hello friends! I am new here, and to break in any shine I might have brought with me, I'm going to write about Trump. Also Under the Affluence, by noted anti-racist activist Tim Wise, but mostly Trump. First Trump. Always Trump.

Trump is my favorite presidential candidate.

Watching his campaign progress is like watching the entire country's psyche be infected by the titular "Thing" from 80's horror movie The Thing, just barely resembling the original host, but spewing acid and tentacle-based destruction wherever it may go.

No images from The Thing are fit for Boylan Blog

What does this have to do with Under the Affluence, you ask? Given that the book was written to explode America's country of cruelty, Trump may as well have been the antagonist of the book.


The narrative of cruelty is one that glorifies the rich while vilifying the poor. More broadly, it is about an oppressor class feigning innocence when confronted by the plight of the oppressed, in essence saying:
"You could work harder at your $9/hr job! You should get three more!" 
"All Lives Matter, bro, like, race is just a made up concept!"
"Why should the taxes I pay go to food stamps so you can buy lobster?"
"You don't have to be foreclosed on, you just need to get a small loan!"

Wise's book is eloquent, moving, and filled with super depressing fun data and you should definitely read it. Warning though, after reading it, my face has been stuck like this for weeks:

I interpret this as angry/sad, but I may be wrong. I am new to the Pepe meme.

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