Monday, February 15, 2016

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I am Currently Watching: Beyonce 

Lately, Beyonce has been taking a lot of heat because she put out some hot-fire last week. 
Okay ladies now let's get in-formation: 

1) She drowned a police car in Katrina Waters.

What Happened at The New Orleans

2. Blue Ivy's hair/hair texture has been the topic of conversation for a lot of self-hating people for a very long time and Beyonce wanted to let us know that she's not here for it. 

I did not come to play with you...


3) She posed a line of what would appear to be unarmed police officers in front of a single, dancing, baby boy. When he put his arms up in surrender (which was a part of his dance) so did the line of police. 
If it is anti-cop to say, stop killing us then what does that make being Pro-Cop?

You just might be a black Bill Gates in the making, cause I slay

Recently, Saturday Night Live performed a skit, where they made fun of the masses reaction to "Formation." The running joke of the skit was the realization that Beyonce was in fact, Black. It was utterly hilarious but something about it left me feeling somber. I think SNL believes they exaggerated for comedic effect but did they? Exaggerate, that is. I don't think so. Recently, a former New York City mayor,  four fox news anchors, a police commissioner, and Raven-Symone have come out to say Beyonce's new song "seems racist." Clearly none of these people know the definition of racism. But it's cool, I'm sure Mackelmore will teach them.


Here's the video! Love life and Love Beyonce


P.S. This has nothing to do with Beyonce but while we're on the subject of great things go see Carol and also read The Price of Salt

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