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Illuminations 2.15.2016


I have a confession to make. I love “love songs” whether it is a song about lost love, old love, eternal love, endless love or self-love. It does something to me that I can't quite articulate. There is always that one line or that one verse that I end up holding on to forever. I guess it’s because there are so many different ways to love someone and so many different ways to express that love. It is a very diverse and complex emotion, for example, the way you love your mother is different from the way that you might love your partner, your children, your pets (yes I said pets because I definitely have love for my Shih-Tzu). In this post, I am going to explore love through music and first up is one of my favorite songs by Coldplay, Fix You.

Whenever I can find the words to express how I'm feeling there is always a song out there that captures that moment perfectly. I think that's probably the reason why I've been obsessed with this song for so long. When he sings:

♫ ♬Tears streaming down your face

When you lose something you can not replace♫ ♬

This is such a powerful line and it always makes me think of my dad. Nothing and no one can replace or fill the void of that lost relationship. Tears are how we express pain (but we all know that I don't cry because I am a "G" like Jay-Z. Cant see it coming down my eyes so I gotta let the song cry).

Next up is the King, Otis Redding with I've Been Loving You Too Long To Stop Now.

Otis sings with so much soul and this song is painful to listen to. My favorite line is:

♫ ♬You were tired and your love is growing cold,

My love is growing stronger as our affair grows cold♫ ♬

The idea of being so attached and so in love with another person that even if they leave you your love will only intensify is a situation I hope I never find myself in. Regardless this is such a beautiful song and his voice has the emotional depth to convey such a complex relationship.

My Next favorite love song is Tupac's Dear Mama.

♫ ♬There's no way I can pay you  back

But the plan is to show you that I understand

You are appreciated♫ ♬

This song is so beautiful and if I were the type of person that cried this is the song that would do it to me. I relate to this song because I've witnessed my mother's struggles and through it all she remained strong. Her optimism is the most beautiful thing about her. *a single tear rolls down my cheek*

My favorite take me as I am love song is Buju Bantan I Wanna Be Loved.

Culturally this song was a major part of my life growing up. I'm from the Caribbean and Reggae music literally runs through my veins. I remember hearing my mom play this song on Sunday mornings while she cooked us breakfast.. I personally love the message behind this song about finding love on your on terms and being loved for who you really are. It is so honest and heartfelt when he sings:

♫ ♬I wanna be loved

Not for who you think I am

Or what you want me to be

Could you love me for me♫ ♬

            Damn. We have to give the man props for wearing his heart on his sleeve.

I've been obsessed with Anthony Hamilton's music for a while and Can You Feel Me is exactly what I hear playing in my head every time I see a cute guy. It's like he completely captures that feeling of uncertainty when both parties are afraid to reveal to the other how they truly feel.

♫ ♬You play it so Cool

Won't let nothin' show through

Won't show what you're feeling now,

#And you like to keep keepin' me

Keeping me here in dark

And I can't see through into your heart

Let me in, in on this mystery

Cause I just can't stay in this guessing game♫ ♬

*Sigh* I'm not the kind of person to confess my innermost feelings about anything.  #THUGLIFE

Okay, I am so in love with Ed Sheeran's music and I love his acoustic performances better than anything on his album. There is something about it that just feels so personal when it's just him and his guitar. My favorite song of his to date is Give Me Love.

I LOVE this verse!

♫ ♬And that I'll fight my corner

Maybe tonight I'll call ya

After My blood turns into alcohol

No, I just wanna hold you♫ ♬

What makes these particular lines so meaningful to me is the way that they convey a message that we can all relate to. That moment when there is this internal push and pull as you decide whether or not you should be the one to reach out to someone first. That moment when your head and your heart are delivering two very conflicting messages. How do you choose? According to this song, alcohol is definitely part of the decision-making process.

The most important type of love is self-love and we can see in Beyonce's video for her new song Formation evidence of pride/love for one's self and their cultural heritage.

Beyonce does a beautiful job with the visuals of this video linking the images of the "Old South" to the cultural significance of the "New South" to create a continuous timeline bridging the past and present into one. By presenting a view of Louisiana Bounce culture, using the voices of Messy Mya and Big Freedia she is also linking the experience and the contributions of the Black LGBTQ community to Black Culture. The most powerful phrase for me during the entire song is when she says:

                                   ♫ ♬Okay ladies, Now let's get in formation♫ ♬

I love the duality of that line because it can refer to all of the people on the margins of  society within the black community coming together and the intersectionality of our identities that further marginalizes us. It can also refer to getting "info" as far as getting the facts straight and the having the right information. This song proves how important it is to recognize your roots and to love yourself.

One Love,


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