Monday, February 29, 2016

Illuminations 2.29.2016

At first I was going to write about Rimbaud's Illuminations-- that seemed like the most obvious thing to do. But I've been following this person's posts for a while through social media. He's from Venezuela and he's a performance philosopher. 

Born in Venezuela on February 6th, 1982, Jason Silva is a host on National Geographic. The subjects he speaks about vary greatly, but there is a particular passion which he speaks with that pervades his language, no matter the subject he is actually speaking about. 

He also very often talks about poetry, and this is what first caught my attention. His quest is to modernize and upgrade philosophy, and to make it palatable to a world so full of distraction.

What I find most interesting about Jason Silva is that he is courageous enough to share his thoughts online-- something I find very daunting to do, more so than in day to day interaction. 

More than this, he also somehow managed to sidestep the entire realm of academia and has successfully used social media as an outlet for his creative stream-of-consciousness, his conversations both to himself and with others, which are sometimes streamed live on Facebook. 

In fact, his latest video went up to about 4.2 thousand viewers at once. They are conversations in which he talks mostly about nothing, but which always end up bringing me to a higher perspective than the one which I tuned in with. 

I cannot post the link to these unofficial short videos here, because they are on Facebook; but Jason also has a blog series on Youtube called Shots of Awe. They are very flashy for my liking, and in my opinion, the video editing is a bit distracting-- but it is great to sit back and tune in to him speaking, every once in a while. 

Here is the link to his more casual videos--

You can find his video blog series here--

And here is one of my favorites.

“Human speech is a cracked kettle on which we tap crude rhythms... while we long to make music that will melt the stars.” - G. Flaubert

- Anna

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