Monday, February 15, 2016

Magic Hat 2/15/16

"Monster's Song"

He monsters through the room
Singing sweetness to stale,
All sinew crackling loudly
In an effort to be seen.

Stand broadside to his ego,
The air of need apparent,
Singing shale to pieces
With a voice he does not mean.

With words that do not seem 
To appreciate themselves,
That fade as far as
Fast as a whispered breath of smoke,

He justifies himself 
When he monsters through the room
With a pretense of importance
To hide his broken gloom.

"Monster's Song" is a character study through poetry that turned out much darker than intended. It's been about a year since I have seriously given poetry a go and it seems I have relearned some of my more melodramatic (bad) writing habits. I highly suggest reading this poem aloud in your best apathetic goth voice while The Cure plays gently in the background. Any critiques would be greatly appreciated. 


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