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News Briefs - 2.22.16

Loubna Abidar, Moroccan Actress, Finds Fame Tinged With Fury

This lady:

is more than just an actress.  Thanks to her fellow Moroccan countrymen (and women), she's been pushed into the role of Activist and is proudly wearing her new title.  Adibar, 30, recently starred in a film called "Much Loved," in which she plays the role of a Moroccan prostitute. What's the big deal you ask?  Well, her role not only bestowed upon her a top honor in French film, a César, but has also managed to rub her fellow Moroccons "the wrong way."

She is being called a "disgrace to Moroccan women" and the Communication Ministry of Morocco has banned the film in her native country stating that the film "...undermined “the moral values and dignity of Moroccan women as well as the image of Morocco.”

Ms. Adibar has responded with "People are scared of the truth...We shouldn’t be a country that is scared of art. I want the Moroccan woman to wake up."
Ms. Adibar also states about the film that "It’s a portrait of four women, and it talks about many of the ills of our country, like corruption and the fact that tourists sexually exploit our women and children."

The actress has had numerous death threats placed upon her and has even been physically assaulted by three drunken men in her country.  As a result, Adibar has relocated to France and is more determined than ever to defend women's rights.  She considers herself a Feminist and is speaking on behalf of all Muslim women who's CULTURE (not religion) discourages them from freedom of expression.  

Adibar concluded by saying, "They wanted to shut me up...They wanted to scare me. But I will never keep quiet.”

Kudos to Loubna Adibar who in the face of adversity, is rising above by taking on a role bigger than just that of an actress!

-- Sheena

The Boy Who Cried Doctor

If you've been following the news this week, or if you've even logged into a social media account, then chances are that you are at least somewhat familiar with the story of Malachi Love- Robinson. Love- Robinson, or Dr. Love, as he refers to himself, is in some big trouble with law enforcement after allegedly masquerading as a medical doctor for approximately one month. Here are some of the peculiar specifics of the case...

Despite the fact that he is only eighteen years of age, this young man was somehow able to purchase and open his own private clinic in St. Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida. This practice was complete with an investor, and even employees. Investigations are currently under way in order to determine just how exactly it was possible for this teen to fool not only his unsuspecting patients, but also his "colleagues", and hospital security as well.

One must admire "Dr. Love" in at least some regard. His commitment to this rouse is quite astounding. According to his online medical profile (complete with professional headshot), among other things, he specializes in Naturopathy and Psychology. Furthermore, according to the sign outside of his ersatz practice, he holds many titles and degrees, including M.D., Ph.D., HHP-C, AMP-C, and Psy.D. Unfortunately, it is the assumed M.D. that is at the root of his troubles.

Several charges have been brought against Love- Robinson, not the least of which is practicing medicine without a license. So far, his main defense has been that he never actually claimed to be a medical doctor (despite the signage in his clinic), and never treated any patients. Unfortunately for him however, it appears that he may have been caught doing just that- treating a female patient who was in fact an undercover officer in a sting operation.

In a forestalled, and unfortunately foreshortened interview with Good Morning America, Love- Robinson attempts to share his side of the story...

As is apparent in his blatant question- dodging and repetition, Love- Robinson is in a most troublesome and uncertain position...
However, one thing this teen will probably not have to worry about too much in the near future is exposure. Witness the dawn of a new meme era...

If the medical jacket does not fit, you must acquit!

~ Clinton

Vietnamese Woman Avoids Death Penalty via Pregnancy
Alec Mateo

In Vietnam, drug offenses are viewed as a “social evil.” In Vietnam, being caught with a lot of heroin or opium can get you the death penalty. That’ll show ‘em. In Vietnam, there is a lady who was caught with a lot of drugs. The kind of a lot that gets you the death penalty, in Vietnam. In Vietnam, pregnant women cannot be executed by law. Clearly, in Vietnam, if you are a woman on death row, you should get pregnant #AMIRITELADIES. They won't kill you if you do.

They used to shoot you dead. Firing squad style, in Vietnam. Now they use lethal injections. I felt like a firing squad could be moved, perhaps by an interpretive dance, to not shoot you. That was what I thought about when I read the firing squad part of this story. I had originally written a little snippet about how I imagined a dance that someone could do to stop their execution by firing squaded, but then I looked up images of Vietnamese fire squad executions. The prisoner is tied up to a post which makes a lot of sense. I guess everyone would just get really good at dancing up until their fire-squading, if allowed to perform. Eventually the performance would become part of the routine, and the firing squaders would be desensitized to the wonders of interpretive dance, a Vietnamese tragedy. Moot point.  

The aforementioned lady got herself pregnant by paying another inmate the Vietnamese equivalent of $2,300 for a bag of semen and a syringe, which she used to inseminate herself successfully. The guards that allowed this to happen have been charged and could be facing up to 5 years in prison. This has happened before. There might be a dance worth spending 5 years in jail for. The mother, Nguyen Thi Hue (age 42), will have her sentence reduced to life in prison. She will be a mom in prison to a baby that kept her alive in prison, until she dies. I guess they will just take the baby away. I’m not sure what will happen to the baby. The baby will be born already having saved it's mom’s life, assuming she doesn’t die as a result of the baby. In which case I guess it would’ve all canceled itself out, remainder baby. No one dies from an interpretive dance. Nevermind, Black Swan. I hope the baby has a dope life and is a dope person, as I hope for the rest of humanity. I hope it becomes a dancer and never has to have a baby to save its life. Nevermind, I feel like having to have a baby to save your life might be amazing, but that's a big might. So I hope that if the baby grows up with enough existential qualms from having given birth to a life saving baby that it then does in fact give birth to a life saving baby. I hope the baby’s baby becomes a dancer too. A bunch of Vietnamese baby dancers. Traditional Vietnamese dancing took place in Imperial Court ceremonies.

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