Monday, February 29, 2016

News Briefs 2.29.16

So Cute I Could Eat it--But Really, Though

Global warming, the proven ecological and meteorological phenomenon, melts arctic sea ice.

Polar bears hunt seals using arctic ice platforms.

Arctic ice platforms disappearing means...polar bear cannibalism.

Male polar bears, without access to their usual hunting methods, are eating (sometimes their own) cubs. 

The video is posted on the National Geographic link embedded in this post, not for the faint-hearted.

Walk more, reuse those plastic bags stuffed altogether into one Papa bag, consume responsibly.

Because these animals are only reproducing to produce food. Not to get heavy...


#Shackville Is Trending at UCT

UCT (University of Cape Town) has been dealing with student activism for quite some time now. 

First the students had to deal with race issues on campus but now they are also bringing attention to a housing issue that affects students as UCT as well as their families. Many of the Black students at UCT are struggling with the financial responsibility of their educations and their households at institutions that continue to ignore their plight by consistently imposing fee increases on the students.

They have created replicas of the shacks that 
poor students live in and put them up as a form 
of protest art all over the campus.

Unfortunately in South Africa if you are Black, then most likely you are 
poor and education has become to expensive for many Black students 

Inequality still exists today it haunts South Africa through the legacy of both Cecil Rhodes and apartheid.

One Love,

Lisa Del Sol

Shazam for Plants

For those who do not have and have not used the app Shazam, a quick description: it is an app that allows you to find the names of songs and their artists through sound recognition software, and gets to be very useful when you hear a great song but have no way of knowing or asking about it. 

A few of us have wondered, including myself, whether it would be possible to Shazam other things. And so have the people behind the creation of this new app:

They call it... IdentiPlante.

I was very excited to see this because it seems like a merging of the organic and technological.

This app was developed in France, but is also currently being developed for world wide use. 
At first, it seemed almost too good to be true-- but, its very much real!

How cool would it be if apps were developed far enough that we would be able to vote from our smartphones through fingerprint recognition software? Perhaps it would encourage more people to vote. Our generation has a fascination with all things technological-- and perhaps if this fascination is harnessed, it can be used to improve social conditions, along with our knowledge of botany.

- Anna

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