Monday, March 21, 2016

Canvas 3.21.16

Bobby Hill is a Bushwick, Brooklyn-based artist who has an interesting take on pop-art and NYC. Bobby is originally from the East New York section of Brooklyn and struggled for some years before gaining exposure for his work.

At the age of six, Bobby attended a Michael Jackson concert at Madison Square Garden and the artist, Andy Warhol, asked to take a picture of him and those accompanying him.  At the time, Bobby had no idea who Andy Warhol was, but when he got older, he found out and became inspired by his artwork.  

Bobby initially began his career in illustration and only started painting on canvas in 2008 after his first trip overseas.  His artwork entails a blend of pop imagery, graffiti, and expressionist elements that make for some very powerful imagery.

"Spirit of Ecstasy" - Bobby hill

The pop imagery from his collection "Bhillboards" comes from pieces of actual billboards which is very interesting.  As promotion for his "Bhillboards" collection, Bobby hid $50,000 worth of art prints around the streets of NYC.

Bobby also uses screen printing techniques on his canvases to create vibrant images and capture the energy of NYC.

When I worked for Bobby Hill as a promoter, I noticed that he was a very humble and down-to-earth person who was also very ambitious (which a lot of talented artists tend to lack).  He told me that when he lived in East New York, he would gather up all his artwork and go to places like Williamsburg, Brooklyn to sell his work on the streets.  He is now at a point where he lives completely off of his art and has done several art tours in Europe and places in the U.S. His work has also been commissioned by companies such as Coca-Cola and Nike. 

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