Monday, March 28, 2016

Culture Corner 3/28/2016

                                   From Cape Town to Johannesburg to Durban 

For the 2015-2016 Winter break I spent some time in South Africa. Aesthetically it is one of the most beautiful and diverse places that I have ever been to. I wish that I could have taken more pictures of the trees. The landscape changes drastically depending on where you are in the city. I saw these extravagant trees layered with leaves similar to that of a Weeping Willow but it grew out of the bark of the tree. I regret not taking a picture of it. I'm sorry. I want to use this post as a way to share my experiences the people, places and faces that contributed to this dope experience.

Mandela on the side of an apartment building. Do you see the cool "No Vending Sign" ?

 Some very political graffiti on the Witts University Campus.

I'm obsessed with this!!!!
This was near Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg 
and I don't know the name of the artist because he didn't tag it. 

So there is a fast food joint called "The Hungry Lion" 
and the food is actually pretty good.

South Africa is lit for this. Oxtail flavored ramen!!!!!

The South African trees are always dressed up.

I'm obsessed with Snap-Chat and the filters. 
So I totally had to include this pic of the lovely 
and grotesquely cute yet chubby kitty-cat
(part of my responsibility in my AirBnB 
beach-house is that I had to feed the pets).

All of the graffiti was political in some way. In case you can't see 
it clearly"One day my people shall be free." I can only dream.

Representing Maboneng! (The South African Art District)

Out in Maboneng, South Africa with my Squad. 
Why does this place remind me of Williamsburg ?

 I saw these signs everywhere even though the content and the phone numbers are different, there is something about the sign and the aesthetic that reminds me of New York.

Just so we know, South Africa is light years ahead of us when it comes to food delivery.
 How cool are these fast food motorcycles?

In the village Lwandle I saw some very political art on the side of someone's home.It was an image of Steve Biko and a fist, above the fist it says "Africa with eyes no longer blind."

The money is absolutely beautiful. I've got a fistful of Madibas!

Don't smoke y'all. In South Africa they let you KNOW that smoking is dangerous.

This is a popular South African dish called Bunny Chow. It's made from a hollowed out
loaf of bread, then they fill it with meat and veggies. It doesn't have any Bunny meat
in it so I don't know why it's called Bunny Chow.

Me chilling on a bike in Durban, SA. Don't be fooled by this, I hate exercise,vegetables and water. While you can and while you're young try to go places, see things and do stuff.
In that order.

Last but not least, this is the biggest song in South Africa (while I was there anyway)

Here it is EmTee featuring Wiz Kid and AKA.

Me with all of my new friends from Africa and 
across the U.S. brought together for this experience. I miss them all.

One Love,


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