Monday, March 14, 2016

Currently Eating 3.14.16

Currently Eating: A Salad

Sitting by the counter in my kitchen, my head hurt a lot but I tried for my mom not to see. I kept the left side of my face hidden from her. She asked me if I had a chance to make myself lunch for the day. I told her I did not, and she offered to make me a salad. I was having a very feely morning, probably because of a weird dream where all my teeth fell out and were rapidly replaced by brown fangs, jutting out violently from my gums. I woke up feeling a lot of things, and my mom offering to make me a salad really made me very happy. I hug when I’m happy so I hugged her. When I hugged her she saw the left side of my face. She ran her hand down the swollen side and said angry things in a worried voice. I sat back down and she grabbed lettuce, spinach, and some kale from the refrigerator. She poured some of each into a bowl, and with a food scissor (my favorite utensil) began to chop up the greens. “You’re too old for this shit, I understand that this means a lot to you.” “I don't know what else to let mean anything to me.” We talked about loyalty like this while she walked over to the opposite side of the kitchen, where we keep a bowl of fruit. She grabbed some strawberries and began to cut them up. “Were the police called. You can’t afford any of that. Your friends need to understand that.” “It all happened so fast, I reacted the way I felt I needed to. I don’t want to give that up.” We talked about loyalty like that a little more, as she grabbed the cut up strawberries and threw them into the bowl. “Do you want walnuts?” “Yea ma, sounds good. You get what I’m saying though right?” She crushed the walnuts in her palm and sprinkled them in. She reaches behind her for a bag of dried cranberries. “Cranberries too? With the strawberries, won’t it be a little much?” “I think you you need to focus on yourself, that could’ve been it for you, what if someone had a knife, what if you got arrested?” She sprinkled in the cranberries. I haven't had a chance to eat the salad yet, so I don't know if it is in fact a little much. “I don't know ma. I don't have too many rules for myself, but I think that’s one of them. It’s Bard College anyway ma, nobody does that there.” “I'm worried son. Do you want chicken or tuna?” “Chicken today, I like it with the ginger dressing, did we grab any of that.” “I’m scared son, you’re a man and men don't get to play around like that. That could’ve been it for you m’ijo, that’s all I’m saying, and I can’t, as a mother, let you feel justified in putting yourself in those situations, no matter how much I understand.” She warmed up the grilled chicken, lightly seasoned with garlic salt, and chopped it up. She went into the fridge and got the dressing I liked and poured it out in a little side container for me, so that it wouldn’t exacerbate the sogginess that comes with stored salad. “I know mama, thank you for lunch.” She emptied the bowl out into a plastic container and shook it one closed to mix up the ingredients. “You’re an idiot. Make sure to remember your keys, I won’t be home tonight.””Will do mama, I love you.” “Love you too stupid, and take a granola bar for a snack.”

Update- wasn’t a little much. She also snuck basil in there when I wasn’t looking, amazing addition.

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