Monday, March 14, 2016

Currently Listening 3.14.16

When a friend introduced me to Lianne La Havas during my semester abroad in Dublin I was immediately entranced. The best way to put it is that her music does what I have always wanted my music to do, but better than I ever could. She is the ultimate singer/songwriter, with a voice that is alternatively melancholic,


yet always filled with longing.

Best part is, she sounds as good live as she does in the studio! She is the real deal. The lyrics are good, the playing is better, but the feeling is paramount. Lianne so clearly expresses something that I have trouble putting into words. Her music is tender and bold, inescapably authentic and utterly vulnerable. Listening to  Lianne sing feels vital to me, and I hope that special, hard-to-describe quality in her music reaches you too.


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