Monday, March 7, 2016

Currently Listening 3.7.16

A little more than often I find myself a little more than nervous because everything seems to be moving  way too fast for my liking. When that happens I really need to slow myself down and nothing really does that for me better than music (I know, I rolled my eyes too). Someone I always listen to when I find myself on the Staten Island train back home at three in the morning is an artist that goes by the name Mree. 

I always find it really hard to say why I like certain artists but for Mree it really comes down to the fact that her music hits the right notes that calm me down. With her lulling voice and simple instrumentation I feel comfortable; the long tones and moving lines draw away the bustle in my head and the quiet harmonies and repeated rhythms set my thoughts straight. Her music is a source of escape into clarity when everything becomes entropic. A stepping stone over a running stream. 

Here's a short playlist I compiled of a few of my favorites:

If it isn't working or Spotify just isn't your thing, here's a link to a playlist of the same songs on YouTube.

And for something familiar here's a cover of that Kindom Hearts song, "Simple and Clean."


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  1. I've never heard of her before but I really love her voice and I love that posted a whole playlist of jams. This was dope and very well appreciated!