Monday, March 21, 2016

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Okay, I've been itching to talk about a certain movie since I first saw it about three weeks ago. I know, I know - it's not exactly what I'm "currently" watching, but all my favorite TV shows are off-air at the moment, and I have no time to sit and watch a movie that's longer than an hour.

...Unless, of course, it's a movie shown during my Literature and Film class, such as the beautiful-amazing-wonderful-and-evocative Children of Heaven.

 *claps gleefully*

This 1997 film, set in Iran, is about two siblings and their quest to reclaim a pair of lost shoes. The premise seems simple enough, but themes of maturity, class, poverty and poverty's effect on children complicate the film to a complex statement on childhood. 

Also, these two drops of sunshine:

 Bahare Seddiqi (left) and Amir Farrokh Hashemian (right)
I mean, I almost cried like six times during the movie. I didn't cry because crying in class is embarrassing, but if I watch this again at home I'm definitely gonna cry. And if you watch the movie, you'll know why too.

In fact, here's the first scene of the film. Note: this clip ends right before the point at which I had to blink back tears in a dim James Hall classroom like a little baby.

The first Iranian film to ever get nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, Children of Heaven lost to the Italian Life is Beautiful, and although I've never seen that movie, I know it's not better than this gem right here. All in all, this film is a great family drama. Watch it by yourself if you're a solitary crier, or with friends and family if you like to sob as a unit. I kid, though, it's not all tears - there are many, many moments of joy and clarity that will remind you of the many parts that make up childhood, life, and living.

- Renee

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