Monday, March 14, 2016

Magic Hat 3.14.16

What I have seen many past writers do for this little section of the blog called Magic Hat is present a piece that they are currently working on and ask for suggestions. I thought about doing likewise, but truth be told, the creative juices just aren't flowing like they once were. Perhaps when time loosens in the summer, I shall explore the tangled web of writers block and own up to the fact that I'm scared to write. You know when I was not scared to write? Apparently fifteen years ago. 

I have a collection of some of my oldest work as a child hidden together in a blue folder with my first grade teacher's handwritten "Michael" on top. As I recently explored it I found this gem. 

Granted, this is not a particularly interesting piece in any way, but the fact that I even thought of subliminally telling my parents that I wanted a race car for my seventh birthday in this way I find to be pure genius. Or maybe it wasn't a subliminal message at all, and I just had a judgement-free urge to write so I did. Or maybe...I don't know...maybe there really is a story here, about a boy and what he believed to be was his toy race car coming to life. What if I actually believed at six years old that your destiny called to you when you were really young and you just didn't know it yet!? 

Nah...I probably was just bored at some point and wanted to fill up this cool looking piece of paper. 

Side note: I've never particularly wanted to be a race car driver, and I still don't have my license (if I don't try to get it this year, my girlfriend is gonna kill me) but I did have a pretty sweet toy car collection that's in my room somewhere collecting dust quite in the same way I collected cars. Go figure. 

Anyways, should I try to continue this story from fifteen years ago?? Let me know, might be an interesting and rewarding prompt - one that most people don't get in life. 

Stay golden everybody, 

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