Monday, March 28, 2016

Magic Hat 3.28.16

This is an experiment that piggybacks off of a piece I'm considering working on for one of my classes. If you want context there isn't much of it, but here's a link to it (I'd rather you read this than what I wrote below). There's some notation that I'm pretty sure a lot of people don't know, so tell me how that works for you.
This may help or leave you more confused.
I'm pretty sure there's a better way to go about this. Oh well.

- Christian


"He's a good fighter because he thinks. You know he can solve the Rubik's cube? It's the same thing." My father's ridiculous.

He exhausted the battery on his phone showing Lito videos upon videos of me choking out strangers and pulling at their arms until they'd tap out or scream, "matte! Wait! Ahhh!" It was time for him to show Lito his son's abilities in the flesh.


I twisted my wrist around his door knob.

"Get your cube." Of course he wouldn't really ask me to fight his friend.

He took the Rubik's cube out of my hand and started to scramble it. When he saw two of the same color touch he twisted them apart. He searched the cube and twisted it until he gave up looking for connections. "You want to mix it more, Lito?" Everyone loves to scramble a puzzle.

He handed me the puzzle after messing around with it for another minute. "That good enough for you, Champ? I made it extra difficult."

It didn't really matter how long you tried to mix it up. Every cube was solved the same.


When the whistle blows I immediately grab their neck with my right hand. It's easy to move the body once you have control of their head. I jab the lump of my wrist into their nape and they start to topple to my left. I pivot off my right foot. 

Two of the edges on the white face of the Rubik's cube are already in place. The next two slide in after four moves. Next are the four pockets that form the first two layers of the cube. Line up the pieces right and R U R' you've got one in. R U R' you place another piece into a pocket. 

R U R' I pull the kid's wrist with my left hand and step my hips under his hips. I twist my torso and pop my right leg back. R U R' The fourth pocket is filled and I have the kid pinned to the floor.

From here you can solve a Rubik's cube in two distinct algorithms but I hadn't learned all the different possibilities so I play it safe. F R U R' U' F' I mount the kid and grapevine his legs; the yellow cross is solved.

Headlights: when all yellow pieces are facing the right way except for two which resemble a car about run into a deer. The kid's eyes widen as I pull their right arm over their face and grab it from behind their head with my left. R U R' U R U2 R' I pull their arm like a spinning top and torque their body to their side. R' U' R U' R' U2 R They're on their stomach and I have access to their neck.

All of the yellow pieces of the cube finally face the right direction and now it's time to place them in the right location. 

First the corners. I slide the knife of my right hand across their neck leaving nothing between their throat and my arm except for a layer of skin and cartilage. x' U' R U' L2 U R' U' L2 U2 x

Next I lock my right hand into the joint of my left arm. It's a three-piece rotation for the final pieces of the puzzle. R U' I place my left hand behind their head. R U I pull tight around their neck. R U I pull tighter. R U'  Their movements slow down R' U' They tap out. R2 The whistle blows and I release.


I hand the Rubik's cube over to Lito and he examines every face. 

"Smart kid."

"I told you." My father's always to eager to prove himself.

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