Monday, April 18, 2016

Currently Eating 4/18/16

Currently Eating Cake

I am currently eating cake because it's my birthday!!!!!!! *(Twerks on a handstand* Yasssss and my mother (the most awesome woman in the world by the way) surprised me by buying me a birthday cake this year (I usually get my own birthday cake because usually I suffer from the curse of being the middle child....but that's another story). I absolutely adore the pound cake and the birthday cake from my favorite Caribbean bakery, colloquially known as Alan's 1109 Nostrand Ave.  Aside from their cake I love the other goods that they have here.

 Hardo Bread

 Currant Rolls (it's like a Caribbean version of a Croissant with currants in it).

But here is the best thing that you can ever get from this place....BIRTHDAY CAKE!!

It has glitter on it.........😍

Sorry that I don't have any recipes available....all 
of this stuff is store bought but it is also baked on site

Don't forget to check out their website here!

One Love,


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