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Frank O'Hara~~~ Boss


I really love it when artists explain themselves.
Of course, they don't have to... That's part of what makes art sooo awesome!
But still... It's also pretty awesome when authorial intent and context are sufficiently explicated.

To quote a wise man...

This semester, I've been reading quite a bit of this stuff~~~ authors blabbing about why it is that they do what they do, and how it is that by doing what they do, they are indeed the very best at what it is that they indeed do do... >_>.

By this, I mean theoretical approaches to literary craft, statements of stylistic purpose, and manifestos. Unfortunately, all too many of these have been... less than enjoyable.

HOWEVER, one super cool, super NOT pretentious artist grabbed my attention...

Frank O'Hara

Though I know very little about O'Hara, I must say that I love him!
After reading his Personism Manifesto, it was impossible for me not to love him!
He is equal parts intellect, wit, and SHADE~~~ Its awesome! 

"But how can you really care if anybody gets it, or gets what it means, or if it improves them. Improves them for what? for death? Why hurry them along? Too many poets act like a middle-aged mother trying to get her kids to eat too much cooked meat, and potatoes with drippings (tears). I don’t give a damn whether eat or not."

Seriously! Who is this guy, and where has he been during the entirety of my poetry- struggling existence???

Aside from his shameless honesty, somewhat reckless abandon, and oh so lovely shadiness (sorry, I just love the not-so-subtle way O'Hara says that his contemporaries are simply trying too hard), O'Hara actually makes an intriguing argument in his proposition of Personism. He suggests that poets refocus their creative energies on a particular receiver and share, rather than focus on a particular audience and confound.

I think that what often makes poetry such an incredibly inaccessible DRAG is the fact that all too many poets are so preoccupied with "sounding like a poet," that they actually forget to actually be a poet...

Does that make sense..?

HERE is an excerpt from the aforementioned manifesto (It's short... >_>).
I sincerely hope that you too fall in love... <3

Kenneth Goldsmith is the anti-Christ of any and all meaningful approaches to literary craft.

*drops mic*

~ Clinton

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