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For the past couple of semesters, I have been addicted to the History Channel's Vikings series.  It is sooooo good! I was initially averse to watching it because me being the rebel that I am, had to go against what was popular and I noticed this show getting way too much attention for my tastes.  One cold evening during last year's Spring semester, I ran out of new stuff to watch and I saw this series on Hulu.  I decided to just watch the first episode to see what the "big deal" was.  Well, I couldn't stop at the first episode...this series is a viking soap opera and it just sucks you in!  Also, the eye-candy is a bonus (tee-hee):

Ragnar Lothbrok

Rollo Lothbrok

The show is filmed in the lush and rugged terrains of Canada and Ireland and its actors come from the U.K., Australia, Canada, and Scandanavia. Ragnar Lothbrok is the show's main character and was a legendary viking in real life. One of the things I enjoy about this show is that it is based off of actual history (for the most part, although its actual historical references are getting looser and looser as the seasons progress).  

In history, Ragnar Lothbrok is one of the best-known legendary Norse heroes. He is recognized for his scourging of England and France. The show portrays him as a farmer who rises to fame and becomes King of Denmark. 

What's also pretty cool about this show is that females partake in the bloodbaths as well.  

                                                                Laegertha Lothbrok

The women in this series are not objectified as one might expect. They are not "sexy." Characters like Laegertha are strong, feminine (in a dignified way), and are absolute bad-asses. They are dangerous! Oddly enough, I find the men in this series much more objectified and made to look seductive. Anyway, it is quite refreshing because objectification of females (not males though!) in shows is redundant at this point.

Vikings is NOT for the faint-hearted. It's gruesome, bloody, unmerciful, and carries a strong plot. The show is on its fourth season now and has been renewed for its fifth season (yay!).

Check it out for free on

...but beware, you may get addicted! (even my mother got addicted to it! LOL)

- Sheena

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