Monday, April 18, 2016


Greetings everyone!

We're up and blogging again! Did you miss us? We know you did, but we decided to take a break from the blog so we could concentrate on your submissions and the layout for The Junction Magazine!  We have been so productive and we are satisfied to say that it's on the way (woohoo!).

The Interns at Prof. Natov's office, and Prof. Natov, would like to thank all who submitted work for Spring 2016's edition of The Junction. We are all VERY excited for this edition as it will be EXTRA special ;)


Do you feel like this semester is just dragging and dragging???  I feel like something's missing...

Oh yeah: SPRING BREAK!!!

Coming soon to a Brooklyn College near you! FINALLY, April 22nd marks the beginning of our long anticipated (and much needed) vacation. Enjoy!

The semester always flies by after Spring Break (especially this time because Spring Break is so late for us), so keep an eye out for some exciting upcoming events that we have planned.  Events like The Junction Function! Woot!

-- Sheena

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