Monday, May 9, 2016

1)Currently 2)Listening 05.09.16

1) My Friend works nights as a chef at a catering kitchen. I came to see him before his shift after a long day. A very nice day that started early. I had a nice day with my family, we celebrated Mother's Day with breakfast in New Paltz where my little brother goes to school. We ate we walked we shopped some, I got some nice things that I'll show my friends, I was very tired. We drove back and I went to go see my friend for dinner at the Columbia dining hall, the food was good but it was loud and busy and exhausting and we had involved conversations that were enjoyable but exhausting and I ate the food so fast and it was exhausting. I went from their to my Friend's apartment. He left to work and I stayed back to keep his dog company and write a little in the comfort of solitude I don't normally have access to. 2) I want to listen to something that can kinda give me a little energy to be excited for tomorrow but not enough to ruin the calm post focus and ensuing sleep. I really love King Krule for moments like these lately, or the new Toro y Moi. I check up on King Krule and see he's released some new songs under his Edgar the Beatmaker moniker, I see that on youtube, so I click on the channel instead of the video. Next to the song on the channel is a video of King Krule performing some of the new Edgar the Beatmaker material as well as some of the stuff off the most recent project he released under his actual name, Archie Marshal. It's called A New Place to Drown. Here's that video of the performance.

Here's another Boiler Room video of Ratking performing. They are friends of friends and cool kids and have been doing cool things and it's cool to see that tangibly. It was shot in London and King Krule can be seen in the audience.



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