Monday, May 16, 2016

Canvas 5.16.16

They say not to stare directly at the sun, and they’re right, but I wear glasses.

I don’t know what that line has to do with this post but when I was told there should be a summer theme for the blog this final week, that’s what immediately came to my head. I thought it was funny and clever, but when a line starts with “they say” you already know it’s bullshit. 

I’ve been trying to figure out how I could slant this post to be summer themed. The only thing that comes to my head isn’t quite appropriate for school, but the funny thing is that it pertains to school. 

My friends and I have been planning a huge project that would supplement for their senior theses and my computer science group projects class. We plan on making a video game themed around BDSM, more specifically bondage. It’s a weird topic, yes, but in context it makes a lot of sense. 

This idea came about when my friend Nick and I were brainstorming about what we wanted to do for a computer science project. We knew it was going to be some sort of video game but we didn’t know exactly what kind of game we would make. Then one day he just said, “what if we make a bullet hell but with bondage themes.”

His thought process behind it was that bullet hells have this inherent pattern creating that is also present in most bondage pieces. Patterns are created and transform in time, and there’s this huge sense of limited motion. If you look at a bullet hell the bullets come at you in crazy patterns and there are very few movements you can make to continue playing. Here are a couple of examples:

I went along with it. It made a lot of sense to me. So now I’ve been really interested in bondage. It’s really fascinating to see the human form contort and hold in certain ways and the rope sort of accentuates certain features making everything beautiful. It looks comfortable and comforting.

The only reason I said this might not be appropriate was because there’s this implied sexuality tied to bondage, pun intended. But screw that. People bind themselves to make them feel comfortable. Some wear the rope under their clothes throughout the day. It could be something casual.

Interestingly enough, I’m bringing this up in a summer themed post because in the summer I plan on playing around with bondage. After talking with a few friends and getting them onto the project, we’re planning on doing a little hands on research. A platonic bondage session you can call it. There’s nothing wrong with tying your friends up. We’re calling it research, but really it’s just for fun.

- Christian

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