Monday, May 9, 2016

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(Re-) Making the Marvel Multiverse

The DC Universe is similarly awesome! ;)

I love all things sic-fi/ fantasy.
I love animated series.
I love action sequences.
So naturally, I LOVE Marvel.

I think that my absolute favorite thing about Marvel is its "multiverse" quality. Within each installment to the realm of Marvel, there exists a main universe, and oftentimes, sub- universes (i.e. alien planets, alternate timelines/ realms, etc). The Marvel multiverse is a collective term for all these different universes~~~ The patchwork quilt of any and all things Marvel!

Essentially, Marvel is immortal. People are free to imagine and reimagine characters, plot lines, and themes. People are free to create brand new characters, plot lines, and themes! It's simply incredible!

I love the way various artists approach their additions to the Wonderful World of Marvel...

Let's talk about my absolute favorite superhero squad~~~ THE X-MEN.
I grew up watching and reading the X-Men.
Here are the two animated series that have had the greatest commercial success, and the greatest impact on my engagement with the X-Men franchise (and greater Marvel Multiverse)~~~

90's X-Men/ X-Men Evolution (2000)


Jean Grey




The artwork for these characters is drastically different. Their uniforms have obviously been tailored to suit the atmosphere of time and generation... Yet, there is more to it than that. 

90's Cyclops is the super intense, somewhat obnoxious team leader.
Evolution Cyclops is the somewhat untrained, yet passionate team leader.
90's Wolverine is wild and unapologetic.
Evolution Wolverine is intense... Yet quite parent- like.
90's Rogue is a damsel-y tortured soul.
Evolution Rogue is a troubled bad@ss... It goes on and on.

The differences in style and appearance translate to differences in age, temperament, and personality. It's all quite interesting.

Another thing that I love about the visual aesthetic foil between these two series is the depiction of setting, time, and technology.

HERE the 90's X-Men team goes up against hundreds of sentinels.

HERE the Evolution X-Men team faces off against the first- ever sentinel robot.

I think that these scenes give a bit of an idea of what each incarnation of the X-Men team must deal with...

The 90's team must protect a world that hates them.
The Evolution team is still trying to find its place in that world.

Something about the very style of the artwork reflects these divergent (though not unrelated) struggles.

I am excited to see future additions to the Marvel multiverse (particularly the X-Men, if you haven't figured that out by now).
I can't wait to see how new/ different minds adapt and rethink what has already been done, and introduce it to future generations...

I would like to give an honorable mention to the Exiles.
They are an elite team of X-Men who hail from various alternate dimensions within the Marvel Multiverse, and they are charged with protecting the ENTIRE multiverse... !!!

Yes, that's a she- Nightcrawler (essentially)!
Yes, that's a he- Rogue (essentially)!

These guys are the definition of remaking the Marvel Multiverse (after the X-Men, of course :))!

~ Clinton

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