Monday, May 16, 2016

Culture Corner 5.16.2016

For my last blog of the semester, I would like to share some of my summer plans as they relate to Culture Corner.  First of all, I'd like to announce that I will be graduating this semester (woohoo!) and I have A LOT of transition ahead of me in the very near future.  I will ultimately be moving out of state.  After calling NYC my home for the past five years, I am moving out west to begin "Volume II" of my existence.  Before this happens though, I will be in a state of utter suspension...a gypsy...a nomad, so to speak.  After leaving NYC in June, I will be going back to my native Florida for a couple of weeks (need a break!!).  Next, I will be joining the company "Carbony Celtic Winds" on a tour of some of Europe's world/folk music festivals as a vendor of hand-made musical instruments.

Carbony Celtic Winds, is a company founded by my friend Rob Gandara.  The company is based in Corvallis, Oregon (about an hour outside of Portland).  Rob received his engineering degree from the prestigious MIT, and was able to combine his talent for engineering with his love of Celtic/World music instruments.  As a result, he began manufacturing instruments made out of his unique recipe for carbon fiber, which he calls "Carbony."  Carbony is a patented and innovative wood-alternative that will not crack, break, rot, or warp as other instrument materials are prone to do.  You can read more about my friend's company here:

Carbony Celtic Winds booth featuring bagpipes and flutes
 in France, 2015.

We are set to fly into Brussels, Belgium and crash at a friend's place there for 2 nights.  After that, we will rent a car and drive into Germany to visit some of Rob's friends, as well as work at festival number one: "Rudolstadt."
The red pin is Rudolstadt's location ;)

The Rudolstadt Festival is reputed to be the largest World music festival in Europe.  It takes place from July 7-10, 2016 and along with working there as a vendor, I will be camping during the festival.  There is such HUGE diversity among the performers who are set to play at this festival.  Everything from Sitar-playing masters (Anoushka Shankar, who is Ravi Shankar's daughter), to Colombian bands will be there.  

People jamming at Rudolstadt

After Rudolstadt, we will pack up our stuff and drive from Germany through France - to a town called "La Châtre."  It is here that we will be vending at the Folk music festival "Le Son Continu," from July 14-17, 2016.  I will also be camping at this festival (god, help me! LOL). 
Location of La Châtre, France.

Now, the coolest part about "Le Son Continu" is that it takes place around a castle, namely, Château d'Ars.  Château d'Ars dates back to the fourteenth century!  **SIGH** I'm a sucker for French history - especially Medieval and Renaissance era :))).  (This must be a dream)  Anyway, Le Son Continu attracts a lot of folk artists and Bohemian people, so this should be "intéressant!" 

So here ya go folks!  These are some of my plans for summer vacation.  Wish me luck because I REALLY need to brush up on my French and German (Yikes!!!).

Au revoir!

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