Monday, May 16, 2016

Currently Eating 5.16.16

Their Milkshake Brought This Boy to the Yard...

... And I'm like~~~
This tastes MAAAD GOOD!!!!!!! :D

Sooo... It's like getting all Summer-y, right?
... It's about that time.
For this thing that I do...

*cue dramatic story telling montage*

There's this thing that I do.

Every so often, I'll go to 16 Handles.

Most people go there for the frozen yogurt.
I am not most people! (Mwahaha Mwahahahaha... *evil laughter*)

Clinton goes to 16 handles for the cheesecake bites!
I roll up in there, take the smallest respectable modicum of frozen yogurt possible, then FILL THE ENTIRE BOWL with cheesecake bites~~~ YUM!!!
*gains ten pounds just thinking about the sheer deliciousness*

Here's what happened:

Some time last week, I was headed towards 16 Handles, and then I spied with my littles eye a LONG @SS LINE~~~ MAD bodies!!!
And so I kept on walking... internally weeping at the Hellish, cheesecake bite- less monstrosity that my life had become...

*cue super sad Sarah McLachlan music... is that redundant..? Has this lady EVER made a HAPPY song??? Like seriously!!! >_>...*


16 Handles had betrayed me...

I trudged my way along down the street... Then, a new HOPE appeared...

Chelsea Milk

*cue superfast Super Mario Bros. theme music [like when you're running out of time, and the music is all like "Come no man! Redyeye like...  Leff di coin den fi one next time! Gwan go jump pon Koopa head before him kill off di Princess! Coulda bright... Yuh too nuff!!! >_>]* ~~~> That's how fast I ran up in there!!!

They don't have cheesecake bites at Milk... ;(:::...

They have a lot of other super cool stuff!!! :D

I haven't tried everything yet (Not that I plan to... *hehe*), but here's what's awesome!

At Milk, they have this cereal milk flavor thingy going on.
You know like when you finish eating your cereal, and you have all that super cool, super awesome, super delicious cereal- infused milk left in the bowl??? That's totally a flavor!

They also have a bunch of different toppings... Everything from cornflakes to chocolate chips and beyond!

I suggest the fruity cereal milk flavored milkshake!

AND I suggest trying the soft serve ice cream swirl, which is half regular cereal milk flavor/ half fruity cereal milk flavor. *yum yum yum yum yum DELICIOSO!*

Also, there are these cool "innovative" cookie options! ~~~
I (once again) suggest the corn cookie. It's like... Part corn bread. Part cookie. Part HEAVEN.

At Milk, there are so many different ice creams and milkshakes and cookies and pies and cakes-- 

*Cake, cake, cake, cake,
Cake, cake, cake, cake,
Cake, cake, cake, cake,
Cake, cake, cake
Ooh baby, I like it
You so excited
Don't try to hide it
Imma make you my---*
Oops! It's not that kind of party on the Boylan Blog!!!

ANYWAY...So many different sweet treats! Check them out!!!

Dude... If they ever get cheesecake bites, I am sooo moving in! ENJOY!!! :D


It looks like this Milk place has totally been a thing for a while now...
Unfortunately, as with most things regarding popular culture, I didn't know about this until like... yesterday. :(

I sure hope you didn't just waste your life reading this... :D

P.S. P.S.

It has been a seriously ridiculously awesome pleasure blogging this semester! :D
I hope everyone has a super duper crazy wild awesome LIT  (LIT as in LITerary, of course! :)) SUMMER VACATION!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!

See you guys next semester!!!

~ Clinton out---

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