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Great Friends and Great Food: A Tuesday Adventure

I have this friend, Carly, who is more or less always traveling. Her job requires her to tour with various bands, thus oppertunities to see her are few and often far between. This past week, Carly was in New York City for something like 36 hours, which prompted my boyfriend and myself to spontaneously hop on a train to Williamsburg and dine at Champs Diner with Carly and her friend Mimi.

Champs is a weird place. It's a 100% vegan "diner" (though I think it's a stretch to call most of the menu "diner food") that specilaizes in comfort dishes, breakfast food, and things dripping in vegan cheese. The aesthtic is black-and-white 50s style diner with bizarre and eccentric decor including a framed photo of Blanche from The Golden Girls, a needle point that reads "Hail Satan" in delicate cursive, and a Santa lawn decoration with KISS-style eye Sharpie make-up.

We started with an order of poutine. Poutine is one of those dishes that has always freaked me out--what the hell is a cheese curd, even, and why would you put it on fries?--but it becomes significantly less conceptually gross when vegan because everything is made of plants. My boyfriend, Kyle, feels similarly about cream cheese in this regard. It's impossible for me to say if Champs' vegan poutine stands up to the original, but it's pretty damn good.

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For an entree, I ordered their Breakfast Burrito, an old favorite. It's tofu scramble, onions, peppers, potatoes, non-dairy cheese and meatless chorizo in a whole wheat tortilla slathered in chipotle mayo. If nothing else, this wrap should dispell the idea that all vegan food is healthy; Champs in general should dispell that myth.

Conversation moved from photographers we like (Carly and Mimi are both photographers), to books we like, to catching up and our personal lives. A great part of hanging out with Carly is our shared love of dogs, so that was much discussed. Typical of Carly, she also came bearing gifts. This time, she passed around three enamal pins she recently designed.

For Bojack Horseman fans and/or early 2000s internet nostalgia
It's always a treat to see Carly. She's unfathomably creative and generally fun to be around. The added bonus of vegan cheese made the outing all the better. For more of Carly's photos, follow her on instagram. Champs is located at 197 Meserole Strett off the Montrose L Stop.


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