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Better In Tune With The Infinite

Twin sisters Lisa-Kainde Diaz and Naomi Diaz are the singers of the French-Cuban duo Ibeyi. The ladies sing in English and Yoruba, a Nigerian language their ancestors spoke before being brought to Cuba by the Spanish and into slavery in the 1700's. In Yoruba language, Ibeyi translates to "twins."

Lisa's voice serves as the lead, and Naomi plays Cuban percussion instruments, such as the cajon and Bata drum. The sound of their duo is eclectic, unexpected, and haunting. It's hard to choose a favorite song, because they are all so specific-- and it seems that my favorite music travels through me in phases. All the albums I love best lead so organically from one song to the next, as though they are telling a narrative. I guess the song which would serve best as an exposition, then, would be "Exhibit Diaz," or-- (alternately named--) "Better in Tune With the Infinite."

I love music that translates into narrative, and there are certain words that pull at the music. They have a certain magnetic pull and channel it through their music, which is all at once touching and honest, fierce, tender, and powerful.

It's often even better, in my opinion, to see them performing live as opposed to the official recordings of their singles. However, this is one of their more popular ones, according to Youtube and Spotify:

Some of their videos are extremely powerful and emotional. Their music, combined with the narratives and the visuals of their videos, often create a profound and transcendental effect:

And here's one more:

I enourage you all to look up some more of their videos! They really are great singers and artists in general, and definitely my current obsession.

-- Anna

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