Monday, May 16, 2016

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Summer is near, which means warm weather, trips to the farmer's market, and free time! And if there's anything I need after this crazy semester, it's free time. I have big plans for the summer. No, I'm not leaving the country, or going on a road trip. I'm going to stay in NYC. In my home. In my bed.
I mean, of course I'll leave the house often, since I will have time to do things I love, like exercise and write and buy food and cook. But the most precious thing about vacation will be the opportunity to just do nothing.
Part of me is scared that after being so busy for so long, I don't even know how to relax. The rest of me, though, is excited for movies and binge watching.

I have a lot of shows to look forward to watching without guilt or worry that I'm using my time unwisely.
For instance - there's the rest of Orphan Black's current season, season 2 of Mr.Robot, and season 4 of Orange is the New Black. There are shows I've heard so much about over the past year but never had time to watch, like Jessica Jones and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

And then there are movies that everyone has seen but I haven't, because I have become a human comprised of 80% busy and 20% recluse, using all of my free time to sleep or scroll through Instagram. 

This summer, I'll finally watch Captain America: Civil War (except I still have yet to watch Winter Soldier, kill me), and maybe even waste my time watching Batman vs. Superman. I'm definitely going to watch X-men: Apocalypse because I've been waiting for that, but I'm also gonna watch The Lobster and Sun Choke, which I found out about through watching trailers on IMDb.

I'm going to watch reruns of Inuyasha and Sailor Moon for nostalgia. I'll watch old episodes of How to Get Away with Murder with my friends who haven't watched it yet, holding my tongue because I know what happens next, but wanting to scream because I missed so many signs the first time around. 

I will stay up way too late. Flip my sleep schedule upside down so I end up watching the sun rise while I lay to sleep. I'll watch myself grow as a writer, grow stronger in the gym, grow into a better cook. I will watch over my new nephew and new niece because I won't be the only one in need of relaxation this summer. I'll ride the ferry back and forth and watch the sunset, the water, the boats, the people. I'll watch myself climb out of the pit I've been in and genuinely smile more. And in the end, I'll watch the summer go by way too fast, probably wondering by the end of August where my days disappeared to.

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