Monday, May 2, 2016

Greetings 5.2.16

Hey, everyone!!!
I hope you all had a super duper awesome Spring Break! ^^

I Call This...
Spring Break Triptych 
1. "The Break"
2. "The Realization that the Break is Almost Over and You Actually Have Work to Do"
3. "Bye Bye Break :("

LOL... Okay.
Maybe that was just MY Spring Break!

The important thing is that the Spring 2016 semester is just about over!
We only have a few short weeks of school left, so let's study hard, and finish strong!!! 

I Call This...
We're All Trying to get A's, Man...

And don't forget, guys!
We have at least one super cool event left before the end of the semester!
You are cordially invited to our Junction Function (Junction release party)/ Open Mic! Yaaay!!!
It will be held at the Valentine Museum of Art on Tuesday May 17th from 6pm to 9pm.
Come out. Share your art. Support your classmates. Get lit. 
Here's the link to RSVP... 

Let's show the end of the semester who's boss!
See you guys later!
Enjoy life!

~ Clinton

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