Monday, May 2, 2016

News Briefs 5/2/2016

Prince death: Search warrant issued at musician's home

Prince's death seemed very unexpected and tragic for his fans.  Although this generation may not be all too familiar with the artist, he was very influential to other musicians and original.  Musically, he always did exactly what HE wanted, regardless of what was "on trend" at the time.  He has also defied the notion of "genre."  

Prince was found dead on a lift of his Paisley Park estate at 57 years old.  His body showed no signs of trauma and this left many wondering what could've caused his sudden death.  A search warrant was issued for his estate and police want to probe deeper into his speculated prescription drug history. Prescription painkillers were found on the musician upon discovering his body and understanding the role these drugs may have played in his life (and possibly death) has become a topic of importance.

There have been suggestions that the musician was addicted to the painkiller, Percocet, which he took for hip pain.  His lawyer denies this and results from the medical examiner will take several weeks.

I'm personally tired of losing artists to prescription drug abuse.  This has become such an epidemic in our society, not only among the rich and famous, but also close to home.  I hope this is not the case with Prince.  Only time will tell, but it wouldn't be a surprise at this point (I mean, look at what happened to Michael Jackson!).  Perhaps the medical community (especially doctors of "well-to do" people) has become a little too "eager" to write these prescriptions for people as opposed to trying to find alternative ways of helping them.  That wouldn't put as much money in THEIR own pockets though.

- Sheena

Remembering Chyna

I would like to start off by saying that a life is a life.
No life is worth more than another.
What separates one life from another are the connections people form during their time.

That being said, the past few weeks have been rather dark. Several celebrities who have made meaningful connections and impacted many lives during their time, have left us. I would like to take a moment to recognize one of them. 

Chyna (Joanie Laurer)
December 27, 1969~ April 20, 2016

As far as I am concerned, every female wrestler today (at least in part) owes her career to Chyna.

Chyna is the original female wrestler.
She was the first female to ever enter the Royal Rumble.
She was the first (and thus far, only) female Intercontinental Champion.
She was the 'first' so many times, for so many different reasons.

Chyna challenged and defied gender norms.
She was able to get into the ring and play with the "big boys"~~~ and WIN.
She was a prominent, powerful woman, yet she never compromised her femininity.
She is responsible for audiences everywhere opening up to the idea that gender is in fact something that is socially constructed, and has little or no bearing on one's capabilities and personhood.

My brother and I had the very first WWF Smackdown wrestling game for the PS1.
I liked to select the Hardy Boys and Swanton bomb off ladders.
I liked to select the Rock and obnoxiously People's Elbow.
I liked to select Chyna and just kick some @ss.

As her theme music suggests...
Don't treat Chyna like a woman.
Don't treat Chyna like a man.
Don't treat Chyna like you know her.
Treat her for just who she is:
The 9th Wonder of the World. A sweetheart. A legend. A hero. Chyna...

~ Clinton

Elephants Take Final Bow

In a bittersweet moment, the show elephants of the Ringling Bros Circus show took their final bow in Rhode Island last night. This controversial practice was banned and set to be no longer in use on the first day of May, and the elephants gave their last performance was set to happen on May 1st in the Barnum and Bailey circus. 

Elephants have been used in circus performances for nearly two centuries; however, the practice is now officially considered animal abuse, and is now finally no longer in use by Barnum and Bailey. The animals will now live in a Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida.

More than a dozen circuses still continue to use elephants, the Humane Society said, across the United States-- but the society is working to change that. And change it they must.

I love elephants. And if you have seen or can find that video on Facebook which shows the cat swinging its tail like an elephant's trunk, (with googly eyes attached to it's back-- if anyone knows at all what I am talking about--) I would be very grateful if you could send it along my way.


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