Monday, May 9, 2016

News Briefs 5.9.16

I'm Boringly Financial Now That I Have an Adult Thing Going On

Here I was, racking my brain for SOMETHING noteworthy (since I have had virtually no awareness of the world that is not me for the past two weeks or so), and I almost managed to forget the most titillating piece of information I've received yet!

So Chase Bank is going to stop charging their $10 Overdraft Fee starting August 20th. An Overdraft is when you try to withdraw more money than you have in your checking account; an Overdraft Fee occurs when the bank automatically transfers the minimum amount of money needed to keep your checking account open to your checking account from your savings account. 

Now you can go fake bankrupt at no extra cost! 

I just got a bank account and I'm disgustingly excited about everything yay capitalism


Pregnant Women Can Drink At NYC Bars

Yup, now pregnant women in NYC no longer have to worry about the bartender cutting them off when they want to get drunk. According to a new law that just passed if a pregnant woman decides to drink it is "her body and her choice" because she is a consenting adult. I have so many questions. As a society are we responsible for allowing this individual to cause damage to a child? Can we question that person's mental state? I mean, I like mimosas as much as any pregnant woman out there....but I'm not pregnant....and this law assumes that every pregnant woman is in the right state of mind and will make the right decision. This law went into effect on Friday and  umm yeah...they play too much.


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