Monday, September 26, 2016

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Okay everyone, I'm warning you in advance. Get a napkin, a towelette, a bib, SOMETHING; it's about to get real. 

As is tradition in my culture, my mother cooks up a feast on Sundays, when a relative comes to visit, and when it's a "special occasion," which can mean anything from getting up in the morning to winning the lottery. So my point is, in my house there's always food. And since I also happen to be Haitian, and have the best cook in the world as my Mom, it's damn good food at that. 

Legume, White Rice, Whole Blue Crab
One of my favorites is a traditional Haitian dish called légume. Légume, being the French word for vegetable, is basically a vegetable medley that's usually served with either white rice, rice and beans, sauce pwa (bean sauce) and/or sometimes plantains. 

The medley is made of wholesome, nutritious vegetables like chayote, eggplant, cabbage, carrots, watercress, spinach, and really whatever else you want to put into it. You can also add meat, and/or seafood to the mix. My Momma usually adds crab, shrimp, and conch into it and it's AMAZEBALLS. 

My favorite thing about légume (aside from the deliciousness) is the fact that it's pretty much entirely made up of vegetables. Although most people cook it with meat and seafood, it isn't a necessity, making it one of the few Haitian dishes that's both vegetarian and vegan friendly. 

Legume, White Rice, King Crab
It does vary in appearance however; those who make it with more vegg than anything else like my Momma does, come out with a greener looking plate: 

As a kid, légume was the one meal my mother wouldn't have to fight with me over, because somehow the vegetables actually tasted good. Now that I'm older, I not only enjoy the meal, but marvel at my people's ability to create such an individualistic yet harmonious tastes in a dish that contains so many different ingredients. 

You win this one, Mom. 

Légume is a homey, cozy, delicious, and nutritious meal anyone can enjoy, and it's a piece of another culture that you can bring home with you. And, it'll also have you and all your family members like: 

Happy Eating! 


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