Monday, September 26, 2016

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    Midterms are just around the corner. 
    Did you feel a twinge of panic as you read that sentence? Was the twinge so distressing that your whole body shuddered? How dry are your palms right now? Is your heart screaming in your ear?
     Now, I'm not going to tell you to "breathe," as that's the most condescending piece of advice ever. I'm not going to patronize you by saying "hey, you should do that thing right now that you're biologically obligated to do every minute in order for you to continue to live. Yeah, that thing. I'm rife with wisdom, aren't I? AREN'T I?!"  
    Instead, might I suggest that we hush that manic clamor?

    shut up louis ck shh be quiet shhh 

    Did you know that Explosions in the Sky came out with a new album just a few months ago?

Image result for explosions in the sky wilderness
     If you're completely unfamiliar, the Austin-based instrumental rock band has been churning out restless (yet simultaneously serene) melodies since 2000 with How Strange, Innocence. Their seventh soundtrack, The Wilderness (pictured above), has been garnering reviews that eloquently capture why I regard EITS as my secret study weapon: 

"There are times when this stuff can feel like precious melodrama. But if it hits you in the right mood of pillowy existential bumfuzzlement, its power to distract and even transport is pretty undeniable." -RollingStone

    Pillowy. Existential. Bumfuzzlement. . . I'll let you wrap your head around that; you can judge for yourself here: 
       On that very note, you can find every single collection of the band's cathartic mini-symphonies (doesn't that just sound like a balmy creative stimulant?) on YouTube! Give their harmonious torrents a listen when you're staring at a blank word doc, waiting for inspiration to strike. 
    Go on. I'm waiting. 

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