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When I’m on the bus or just standing around waiting for my professor to come and open the door to the classroom, I put on my headphones and check out the Trending tab on Youtube in order to find some semblance of relevancy in my very non-trendy existence. Most of the time it’s just an assortment of Buzzfeed videos, generic musical artists who just posted the same song already on their channel tail-ended with the word "Explicit", or the week’s newest viral sensation of something that will be over saturated through every corner of the internet until my grandmother is asking me if I “saw that new meme on the internet today.”

No, grandma. No I did not.

Today, I found an interesting video titled “Hillary Clinton Started to Violently Cough in Cleveland, Ohio.” Omitting any sense of political standing from this blogpost, I really hate this video. The title of this video is the first thing I want to address, with it first and foremost being a prime example of clickbait. Without the adjective “violently” to emphasize the nature of Clinton’s coughing fit, this video wouldn’t have picked up half of the momentum it did. This is something I want to touch on a bit later.

If you watch the video, you’ll see that Clinton does indeed have a coughing fit and is trying to drink a glass of water over the course of several minutes as the coughing subsides. She plays it off as best as she can, throwing a jab at Donald Trump and saying “Every time I think about Trump I get allergic.”

Hah. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton you’re so funny.

The video doesn’t offer much except another medium for the anonymous internet masses to voice their very twisted opinions. Though Youtube comment sections are typically a typographical hellish pit of nonsense, if you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll see a lot of high-quality discussions on her health.

It is clear that the video is attempting to highlight the rumors surrounding Hillary Clinton’s apparent health-issues fueling numerous and blunt questions. Is she healthy? Is she fit to lead this county? The Youtube comments are heavily invested in wishing her an early death and branding her as a bitch, among other creative names that society attributes to women when given the gift of anonymity over the internet.

As it currently stands, over 1.4 million people have watched this video of Hillary Clinton violently coughing and many have offered their sincerest prayers and condolences is the form of hateful comments against her person. Violence is the most polarizing buzzword to the American people, one that appeals to our own violent natures and the violence that we witness happening close to home and abroad. We find some sort of thrill in the crucifixion of figures in the public eye, a trend that curiously harmonizes with the figure of Christ himself. I’m sure you’re thinking exactly what I’m thinking. Christopher, you’re comparing Hillary Clinton to Jesus Christ, right? It makes so much sense. Who knew the Second-Coming would have blonde hair? No that isn’t what I’m discussing.

How long before Kevin Spacey actually runs for President?
The overwhelming desire for the hyperrealistic appeal of reality television is now synonymous with the Presidential candidacy. We don’t consider these political figures as people anymore, they have simply become television-deities who are subjects for our entertainment. We want to watch her violently cough in front of us because that appeals to us more than any real political discussion. The American public would probably be happier with seeing politics unfold like House of Cards or Game of Thrones, two shows that epitomize this kind of violent power struggle pornography.

- Christopher

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