Monday, September 26, 2016

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Let me tell you all right now that I don’t watch much. The things I do watch are primarily cartoons or animated films and shows. (I think all of us had that phase where we were into reality T.V shows like Full House or Fresh Prince of Bel Air). Cartoons are the simulations of a reality which we can only fantasize about. Cartoons are the works of imagination. That’s why we can’t help but love them.

Right now I’m not watching any show in particular (my summer shows are over) so I wanted to share with you my own fantasies, my own dreams, and my own cartoons. Mickey Mouse is a show which has captured my attention since the earliest days I can recall in my memory. The entity known as Mickey is someone I can never get enough of. I can’t find myself liking him in recent children’s shows, but he’s a character I’ve known since I was in kindergarten, when my teacher would bring in the T.V and show us old clips from the 1900s. The thing is I remember them being in black and white. The Mickey I know is from a time when the world was in peril. (There was the great depression, the cold war, and even the lingering memories from WWII).

This video is from 1934. WOW. Can you believe that? It’s amazing.
First up is Minnie. She’s introduced as this tough-girl who can handle herself, but Pete the bandit (and his cronies) are just too much (note that his wanted poster has a higher reward if he’s brought in dead). In comes Mickey, a dashing and debonair cowboy, coming to the rescue of Minnie.

Don’t count Minnie out though, she was able to get a few good hits on Pete. It was Mickey and his two guns (phallic symbol anybody?) who wiped out the cronies and Pete, saving Minnie in the process. My favorite part is at 6:01 when Mickey pulls out the guns and somehow his revolvers have an unlimited amount of ammo (from the lack of blood and fluids, i’d say they were shooting rocks instead of bullets). This level of fiction is apparent, and yet we can't help but watch it anyway.  

Let’s look at this at another level though. Why is it that these shootout scenes capture our imaginations? Guns connote power. In this cartoon, you can argue that Mickey, who has two guns, is more powerful than the lackeys who only have one gun. Simple arithmetic, sure, but it’s true. On another level, you can say that Mickey possesses ingenuity, such as when he made his revolver into a machine gun, while Pete’s cronies were unable deal with the singular entity known as Mickey Mouse. They lacked ingenuity. They weren’t powerful.

Thoughts like these constantly race throughout my mind. Even today, guns connote power. Just look at The Walking Dead, The Godfather, or Supernatural.

Finally, there’s another aspect of Mickey Mouse that has captured my heart. Yeah. No words necessary. Just watch/listen to these.

Adieu and Farewell.

-Onur Ayaz

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