Monday, September 12, 2016

Greetings 9.12.16

Welcome Back!

It's the start of a brand new semester! Hopefully, you're all settling in nicely and excited about your new classes! 

Here at the Boylan Blog we have some new writers, so give a warm welcome to Emily, Onur, Michelle, Nathalie, and Kayla! For those of you who are new readers, make sure to check here for info on cool events on campus, English department happenings, and some great writing from your fellow students. 

First, I'd like to remind everyone that the English Major's Counseling Office is open throughout the school week for all English Majors. If you have questions about registration, degree requirements, or way to become involved on campus, please stop by. Our office is 3416 Boylan! (Hence the blog name)

Next, I want to remind everyone that the Brooklyn Book Festival is this weekend! Not only is the festival the largest free literary event in the 5 boroughs, but this year it feature TWO Brooklyn College professors: Helen Phillips and Moustafa Bayoumi! The festival also features Brooklyn College alumni and former Boylan Blog contributor Ocean Vuong! 

A quote from a recent event at McNally Jackson source
Look forward to spending the semester with all of you!


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