Monday, September 12, 2016

Magic Hat 9.12.16

I Was Thinking About How Tangible My Imagination Feels Sometimes and How Exciting That Is

Things happen fast; relatively. I am at home sitting on the couch thinking about wanting to write a virtual reality. Or design one. I suppose I mean them the same way. The pace at which the technologies develop has skewed the way people can think about things. I feel I can imagine components that I know aren’t feasible with today's technology with some sort of confidence that soon it will be feasible, which is exciting.

I’ve always thought that being able to gallop and leap across terrains without fear of bodily harm would be the exhilarating thing. In this virtual reality there would be an infinite expanse of land made up of jungles, forests, valleys, and mountains that the *(what do we call people inside of virtual realities)* would get to travel through freely, enjoying the visceral sensation of the movement and the textures of world, without fear of harm.

I think about the way stones skip, and how badly I wished I could feel that kind of raw rhythm, and try to capture that in my mind's eye for the sake of memory for when the chance to create this experience becomes available. Movement in anime sometimes feels like that, or when one watches dancers, or excellently choreographed wire-fu. Skipping like a dancing stone across deserts, but what if you’re getting faster.

You can’t be hurt, but the faster you get the harder you land after skips. The beauty around you takes the hit. You land hard, toppling trees, and drying up ponds. And it gets faster and harder, soon you’re leaving craters in valleys and cutting canyons through mountains underfoot. I'm thinking like how the shitty Eric Bana version of The Hulk did it with those leaps and bounds, but with Saiyan/meteor level destruction once the speeds ramp up. You lose control, your momentum becomes unwieldy, and your influence over direction is stifled. You become an uncontrollable destructive force as the speed climbs and the force of the leaps grow. A point is reached where there is nothing you can do but watch as you destroy all of the world in a devastating series of catastrophic impacts.  
You can control it though, if you want. You can slow yourself down when you feel you’re on the cusp. Straddle the line between movement and destruction. You can adjust your speed and direction as you go, finding the balance you want between control and abandon. How you interact with the world will be reflected in the music and the colors, however, and the world will scream and cry when you step too hard and will spur you forward when you glide, and will lull you into an ethereal stillness were to chose to remain motionless. It becomes a conversation between you and the reality, and you get to hear and feel both sides of it, and behave accordingly. I could do that.


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