Monday, September 12, 2016

Poem of the Week 9/12/16

Last semester when I enrolled in a literary criticism course, I began to question what poetry really is. The more I discovered (and continue to discover) and learned about poetry, the more unsure I grew over time about a definite answer to that question. Do we look at a poems content and try to unravel its meaning and purpose or do we look at its form and stylistic representations? The poem I’ve chosen really makes you think about how we should examine poetry.

I love poetry. That’s why I kept asking myself if I should use one of my textbook 20th century modern poems or not, simply because I like many of the poets from that time period. No, that won’t do, I have to do something different, something which I can really have fun with. That’s when I found this.  

The Lord of Light

I am The Bright Lord of Mordor.
The silver hand that drives back the darkness,
Reaching through the fog of night,
To avenge those long betrayed.
Arise from fields of death,
And march forth from the shadow,
Through the purifying flames of war,
You who were once eldar shall be reforged.
Beneath my hammer,
The Bringer of Gifts, the Betrayer shall be un-made,
I renounce the Blessed Realm.
To redeem the Land of Shadow.
And bind the walls of Arda,
In place of the Dark Lord,
You shall have light undiminished,
All shall fear me and rejoice.

This is for all of you Lord of the Rings aficionados. I was browsing through my twitter the other day when this image popped up and I thought “What’s this, it looks really interesting,” only to realize “This is it. This is what I was looking for.” The image here is an iconographic representation of the poem. It comes from a video game called “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.” How ming-boggling is that? At first, you’d think it’s not much of a big deal, that someone created this like it were no big deal, but in actuality a whole team of individuals created this. 

The poem is composed of both the image and the meaning which can be extracted from the image. Just skimming through the poem, I can already form an epic fantasy-story in my head. This is both a poem and a work of art.

I like this modern idea of art being anything you want it to be. It allows you to be both expressive and receptive to what art is and what art can be. I think this quote by Marcel Proust does that idea justice:

“Only by art can we get outside ourselves, instead of seeing only one world, our own, we see it under multiple forms.”

Hope all of you enjoyed the poem.
You should definitely read the Lord of the Rings series, I highly recommend it if you’re interested in fantasy. It's full of original poems too!
Enjoy.     (⌒‿⌒)

- Onur 

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