Monday, October 31, 2016

Culture Corner 10.31.16

Yuh Dotish Awa?

                          Fun Fact: Last week's Culture Corner inspired this piece because I enjoyed reading about the language of Jamaica. 

                        So let's call this Culture Corner, a part two but instead, I will discuss the language of Trinidad and Tobago because... I'S A TRINI!!   


                 While the official language of Trinidad and Tobago is English, what fun would it be if we didn't put our own spin on it and make it our own?! 

                  Sometimes when others hear Trinidadians speak, they may think that their grasp of the English language isn't up to par. But I assure you that this isn't the case! 

                   Like in every other culture and country, there are different and lingos that are inherent to that native land. 

                      I told my dad that I was doing a blog post about Trini lingos and he was so excited that he ran to his room and brought me one of his many objects with Trini lingos. I am proud to say that my dad is Trini to deh bone!!


        Trinidadians make up a saying for anything, and pronounce certain words anyway that they feel. 

   Let's begin with the title:  Yuh Dotish Awa? Dotish means foolish, stupid or dumb. 

A note about the word, stupid: Trinidadians have their own pronunciation for stupid which is pronounced as if the word were spelled 'chupid.' So if you hear someone saying, "What chupidness is this?" or "Yuh chupid or what?" then you know it has to be a Trini.

Now for some more of my people's rich and entertaining language.

Trinidadian Saying... Translation... Example

Allyuh... You all... Allyuh better be home before three. A funny side note about the word, three. Trinis pronounce the word, tree. So you will hear Trinis counting;"One, two, tree."

Awa... Or What?... "Yuh wastin' muh time, awa?"... "Are you wasting my time?"

Bacchanal... Commotion, chaos. Basically any story causing a lot of drama... "If dey find out, it will be rel bacchanal." 

Rel- Rel is how Trinidadians pronounce real... "If dey find out, it will be rel bacchanal." 

Féte- A party ... "I going and Féte"

        "He, She, We does"... Trinis love to use this when talking about something they do... "We does say anything that come to we mind."

      Duttyness... Dirtyness... "Yuh ain't bathe since Tuesday, yuhs a rell duttiness."

       Yuh trying a ting... A funny side note about the word, thing. Trinis pronounce the word, thing, ting...

    Crappo smoke yuh pipe... You have bad luck.

     Dog eat yuh suppa... You have nothing to eat.

      Doh mamaguy me nuh... To give someone a false compliment with the hope of indirectly persuading them in your favor. Side note- Don't becomes doh.

       Fadda... Father- Trinis pronounce the word father as if it were spelled fadda... " She going by she fadda for deh night."

      Cyah- Can't... "I cyah understand why she does do that."

     Lime- A hang out, chilling with friends... "Ah going to lime for a few hours."

    Make style... Show off... "She want to make style on we because she get ah new job."

   Wotless- Worthless... "Yuh wotless boi."

    Tabanca- After you end a relationship and the one broken up with is mourning the relationship... "She give yuh a tabanca boi"

   Totulbay/ Bazodee ... When you are whipped and are crazy in love... "That gyul have yuh totulbay."
 Mouth open, tori jump out... When you say something by a mistake and it was supposed to be a secret

My personal favorite from my granny: "I don't have time for this commess"... I don't have time for this nonsense.

"Match stick break in your ears awa?"... A child who doesn't listen to their parents.

      Those are some of the basic ones. There are countless more. 

      Here's a funny video!

Hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial!!

This sign off means the most for this post! :D

This is Kayla, fellow Trini signing out,

Love and Happiness.  Trini to deh bone!!



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