Monday, October 17, 2016

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So, whenever I get a "Currently..." section of the blog, you guys get to see the unstable, slightly obsessive parts of me. And boy am I glad to share them!

During my sophomore year of college I was at another one of my (failed) attempts to learn the French language, and decided that listening to French music would help familiarize me with the sound of it. But although I still haven't learned the language (therefore am a disappointment to my family), I did come out with the beautiful gem that is Stromae.
Racine Carrée
Stromae is a Belgian pop singer and rapper that has changed the game of pop music. On top of his music being super dancey and entertaining to listen to, his lyrics are often about quite serious topics, so his listeners can get both a lesson and a good time. Among some of the most popular songs on his latest album, Racine Carrée (which translates to "Square Root") are Papaoutai which is about the dangers of fatherlessness, and Quand c'est?  which talks about the horrors of dealing with cancer.

Not only is his music both deep and entertaining, but Stromae is also incredibly artistic. His music videos often feature brilliant choreography and deliver even deeper context for his already complex subject matters. For example, in Papaoutai, Stromae plays the role of the father, who is displayed as a mannequin and is immobile throughout the video while all the other fathers and sons are mobile and dancing. I could go into deeper analysis, but I've gotta let the art speak for itself:

Stromae- Papoutai

Stromae- Quand C'est?
He's also BOMB in concert. 

Stromae- Racine Carrée (LIVE)

The first 7 minutes of his performance of the intro track Ta fête will already have you up and out of your seat, ready to party (pun intended). 

And don't worry about whether or not you're a French speaker. The subtitles are usually pretty
helpful, and once you get the point of the song and the chorus, you'll be content enough to just enjoy the music. 

Now go forth, and jam on!


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