Monday, October 24, 2016

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I’ve been watching Twin Peaks. I now think I understand the appeal of the Lynch aesthetic, and I find it interesting. Two things I rarely think at the same time about any one thing. He co-created and co-wrote the series. The juxtaposition of trope and convention, familiarity if you will, with a dreamlike surreality that borders on the quirky adds intrigue and interest to the familiar. The dreamscapes and pseudo-psychology are a little heavy handed and self indulgent in my opinion, although they bother me less and less as I delve into the show. I’ve come to accept the rules of the Lynchian universe, letting it supplant the rules of the universe I thought I initially recognized as parallel to my own. That’s how I see the development of Twin Peaks. There is an image you recognize, that slowly shifts into the uncanny. The uncanny is then made familiar. I’ve seen Eraserhead, one of Lynch’s first movies which never lets you settle in. It embraces dream logic much more absolutely. I wanted something else to help solidify my idea of David Lynch, someone whose aesthetic appeal I think I understand, and find interesting. I wanted to get a grasp on his range. 

If you haven't seen the compilation of Nick Cage movie freak-outs, I’ve done you a favor and included it below. 

Nick Cage does the wild man like no other. David Lynch keys in on the true potential of this wild man persona, on its significance in American mythology, on it’s hidden complexities, and the absolute absurdity of it. Wild at Heart is David Lynch and Nicholas Cage coming together to create an ode to the wild man and the wild world imagined around him, in what has become my favorite work from both artists. The characters are crazy forces embodied, pulled straight from the subconscious of Americana. The plot runs parallel to such classics as The Wizard of Oz. The symbolism is then delivered in a hyper-violent and truly unafraid film that holds no punches, as it’s infamous first scene makes sure to make clear. I will include the clip, but I warn you it is not for the faint of heart. Viewer discretion is advised.  

This movie opens with the absurdly violent and slowly reveals to you the beauty in the wildness therein. A fable. A myth. Absurdly funny, disgustingly violent. I believe this movie is honest to a dream many of us may not like to know we truly love.


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