Monday, October 17, 2016

Illuminations 10.17.2016

When Your Thoughts are Dulled and You're Missing Your Dog

Truth be told, I’m not feeling very illuminate lately. If you’re a devout Boylan Blog reader, you may remember my earlier post about a reading drought I’ve been dealing with lately. This week it’s been more like a...thinking drought? I don't know, maybe it’s academic burnout. Lately, it’s hard for me to engage with things intellectually for an extended length of time.

Thankfully, the internet is great for people with no attention span, so I’m going to take a leaf from Buzzfeed’s virtual book and provide you all with a nice little listicle of illuminating tidbits I’ve learned in the last week. Enjoy:

Stuff I've Learned: An Excerpt

1. Pangolins are the world’s most hunted animal. They’re also adorable and scaly and look like little dinosaur armadillos. They also carry their babies on their tails!

It's so cute and scaly and how is it real??

2. A woman’s right to privacy is violated whether she’s too public or too private. Some more info on this: Kim Kardashian was violently robbed in Paris, to which the public responded by blaming Kardashian for 'showing off' her riches on Instagram and 'asking' to be robbed; on the other end of the spectrum, the uber-private author Elena Ferrante was outed by a journalist who felt the public 'deserved' to know who she was. There's no way to win.

3. The best way to get rid of those bananas you forgot about (until they’re way too brown) is to bake a mini batch of muffins. Here’s a recipe, if you’re so inclined.

Best looking over-ripe bananas I've ever seen

4. Harry Potter is back in theatres! There's a theatre in Sheepshead Bay participating in this nationwide limited re-release of the Harry Potter films. Go go go!

5. Contrary to viral news posts this week, the Great Barrier Reef is NOT dead; It IS dying, but it can be saved.

6. (This one I’ve re-learned) There are women who hate other women; women who think they succeed “in spite” of being a woman; woman who “aren’t like other girls,” who hate “drama” and vocal fry and never ask for dressing on the side. Insidious internalized misogyny is everywhere and I never know what to do about it.

Comic by Kate Beaton

7. Moms are so important.

8. I met Michael Cera when he came into my job the other day. He drinks Cafe au Lait, he’s very polite, and he likes to make babies laugh.

On his way to steal your coffee

9. It’s okay if people don’t like you. Avoid following every sentence with “sorry;” you don’t exist to please every person you meet.

10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is still good.

11. Dogs will always make everything better.

What have you learned in the last week? Is it worth knowing? Let me know in the comments!


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