Monday, October 17, 2016

Magic Hat 10.17.16

Yaaay!!! This is my very first time doing Magic Hat!!! :D

I may not be inherently magical, but I have often dreamed of having magical powers...
I may be a human, and not a hat... But I do own many hats...
These are my qualifications.
You are in good hands.
Let's do dis, doe.


(I apologize in advance if you're not nerdy enough to understand this...)
(Yet another Marvel post by Clinton C. Cole)

I know that this section of the blog is often used for students' creative work.
I, however, will use it just a wee bit differently.
I will use this for a creative idea (see below).
This MagicHat shall be my patent.

I have this idea for a serious of Marvel comics tentatively entitled 'Marvel_Us'...
In it, a team of Marvel heroines break away from the restrictive ties of their respective teams, and forms a new subunit of Marvel crime fighters!

Shortly after the death of Jean Grey, a distraught Cyclops is more headstrong and rash than ever. No one, not even Charles Xavier is able to coax him out of his misery, and he slowly heads down a road of self-destruction, inevitably taking the rest of the X-men with him.

Cyclops leads the team on a mission to destroy a sentinel manufacturing plant, using your Jubilee as bait against the wise counsel of his second in command, Storm. If only he had listened...

These new sentinels are actually under the control of Magneto and his Acolytes-- It's an ambush!!!

Jubilee is fatally wounded... As the team retreats, it's Rogue who attempts to comfort her. Jubilee knows it's her time. She's scared. She's sad. All she ever wanted was to be an X-man. She doesn't want to give up, but she's slipping. In a last attempt to fulfill her duty to the X-men, she begs Rogue to absorb her... All of her.

Reluctantly, Rogue accepts... All that was Jubilee-- Her memories, her physical abilities, her powers flows into Rogue.

The team barely escapes the onslaught of Magneto and his army...

Back in the X-mansion's subbasement, all Hell breaks loose.

A furious Rogue blames Cyclops for the loss of their youngest member. After a heated exchange, Rogue blasts him with her newfound power... She's done with him-- done with the team. She leaves the X-men. Storm, outraged by Cyclops's incompetence, and Xavier's tolerance of it leaves as well.

After many talks, and many tears, the two decide to visit an old friend...

The Invisible Woman is no longer Mrs. Fantastic. After her rather messy divorce from Reed Richards, the Fantastic 4 disbanded. She's been living on her own for the past two months. Alone, withdrawn, she doesn't even bother using her powers anymore. She just tries to live a simple life... No stupid husband, no annoying little brother, no dangerous missions... That is until Rogue and Storm pay her a visit.

The three heroines decide to form a union. They become Marvel_Us. They work for no one. They have no sworn enemies. They follow no strict philosophies, no holier than thou moral codes. They choose their battles as they see fit. Whether that means teaming up with Magneto to bring down the corrupt Cyclops, or challenging a Hulk who's gone mad, they do things their way.

Throughout the series, Rogue has to deal with what she has done. She is the leader of Marvel_Us, but she is not quite herself anymore. She must learn how to control her new powers-- Jubilee's powers. But she must also learn how to control her new self-- Jubilee.

So... I am definitely no artist. I'm just the idea guy. This is not likely to actually happen.

BUT... I really like the idea of this series! It's more than just "girl power". It's really much deeper than that... It's about women heroes getting a chance to shine. Furthermore, there are many ways in which the unique attributes and histories off these three particular heroines (and Jubilee) lend themselves to a much more complex set of ideas.

* The way these women's mutant abilities relate to historic and contemporary conceptions of femininity (e.g. Absorption/ Empathy - Weather Manipulation/ Nature - Invisibility & Force Fields/ Private & Nurturing).
* How do varying levels of female homosocial interactions function in the absence of men?
* POWER... How are causes and factions formed? How is the traditional perpetual hero/ villain dynamic transformed by 'fractures' in heroism.

* Rogue starts off this series with only her own original mutant abilities (no Ms. Marvel powers).
* Storm has not yet married the Black Panther.

Special thanks to Marvel Comics!!!
~ Thank you, Rogue for being so incredibly powerful, yet also vulnerable and conflicted. You may have been bad sometimes, but you always fought the good fight in the end.
~ Thank you, Storm for being sooo bloody incredible! I live for your long winded (pun totally intended) speeches. Best black superhero EVER... !!! (Sorry, T'Challa!)
~ Thank you, Invisible Woman for being the BADDEST playable character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It was then that I learned that you are a BOSS-- you just stuck on a team of f*ckboys...

This is patent pending, btw...

Steal my intellectual property, and I'll intellectually (AND physically!!!) drag yo @ss! :D

~ Clinton

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